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The Language of My World (2005)

Macklemore - The Language of My World

The Language of My World

  1. Intro
  2. White Privilege
  3. B-Boy
  4. Claiming the City (featuring Abyssinian Creole)
  5. Fake ID
  6. Hold Your Head Up (featuring Xperience)
  7. Ego
  8. Inhale Deep
  9. Bush Song
  10. Good for You (featuring Xperience)
  11. I Said Hey
  12. Penis Song
  13. The Magic
  14. City Don't Sleep (featuring Paul Rivers Bailey)
  15. Love Song (featuring Evan Roman)
  16. Remember High School
  17. Contradiction (featuring Evan Roman)
  18. Soldiers
  19. As Soon as I Wake Up (featuring Xperience)
  20. My Language

The Unplanned Mixtape (2009)

Macklemore - The Unplanned Mixtape

The Unplanned Mixtape

  1. The Town
  2. At the Party
  3. The Club
  4. American
  5. NxNW (Remix)
  6. Fallin
  7. Church (featuring Geologic)
  8. Letterhead (Remix) (featuring Sapient and Illmaculate)
  9. Keep Marching (featuring XP)
  10. And We Danced (featuring Ziggy Stardust)

GEMINI (2017)

Macklemore - GEMINI


  1. Ain't Gonna Die Tonight (featuring Eric Nally)
  2. Glorious (featuring Skylar Grey)
  3. Marmalade (featuring Lil Yachty)
  4. Willy Wonka (featuring Offset)
  5. Intentions (featuring Dan Caplen)
  6. Good Old Days (featuring Kesha)
  7. Levitate (featuring Otieno Terry)
  8. Firebreather (featuring Reignwolf)
  9. How to Play the Flute (featuring King Draino)
  10. Ten Million
  11. Over It (featuring Donna Missal)
  12. Zara (featuring Abir)
  13. Corner Store (featuring Dave B and Travis Thompson)
  14. Miracle (featuring Dan Caplen)
  15. Church (featuring Xperience)
  16. Excavate (featuring Saint Claire)

Other Songs

  1. The Search (with Delta Goodrem)
  2. Kevin

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Macklemore is a performance name for Ben Haggerty.

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Professor Macklemore

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