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Out There

This song is by Mac Dre and appears on the album The Genie of the Lamp (2004).

When I'm out there with my team
And I'm out there slangin green
Tryin' to get my doe, let the game go
And put up my triple beam

(Mac dre:)
My team consists of soft cookers, doff jookers
And a couple of boss hookers
I don't care if its rainin or snowin
Man them bitches is gon be out ther hoe'in
And me, ima be on this mic flowin
And the cuts is gon be collected from niggaz that's owin
Nigga you ain't knowin', I gets mine
I did too much time be wastin time

(Mac dre:)
You must didn't understand what I was talkin' bout
When I said get in the game get rich and get out
Now you stuck in it, don't got no luck in it
Tryin' to put the whip on it and extra stuff in it
Partna I recon if you put on some of these pimp glasses
And take a couple of these pimp classes
You gon realize, life moves fast and
You don't get too many chances

(Beat plays on)

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