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Hands Meant For Holding Grands

This song is by Mac Dre.

Hey your ear looks empty lemme put something in it
I ride nothing rented, nothing tinted
Love chicks that like to spend it
Rap till I get winded don't get offended
A lotta sarcasm make you have a lotta orgasms
Have you beggin for more stabbin
Jabbin, punchin, dinner, luncheon
Crabbin, munchin, we havin' something
Rings, fat chains that hang to my pants
I'm gameboy advance my game more advanced

Baby get a back ready put some weed in it
Get in a mac? chevy and see the street limit
I like some big tits 3 XL's
And Dick suckin lips, some DSL's
Straight on up with no cut, is how I serve it
You want sweet talk but you don't deserve it

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