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Gift 2 Gab

This song is by Mac Dre and appears on the album Young Black Brotha (1993) and on the Remix album Do You Remember? (2002).

Nick nack patty whack give a ho sum donkey
Listen to the bass line don't it sound funky
Who could be in the place to stay
That's right Ho, Mac muthafuckin Dre
One more time back in your ear
Those dope ass raps you luv to hear
Cold as ice, nothin' nice
If I Fuck you once, I wanna fuck you twice
That's right and you no the deal
U don't want the baby ho take the pill
'Cause I'm bust fadles back to back
And when I get tired, I'm a take a nap
And when wake up, I'm a bath sum more
It's the same ruteen until It's time to go
U, watz in my drawz, until I get the suga wallz
Oh, u didn't no about me
The A the N the D the R the E
Well peep game it goes like this
I hold my mic tight, like my dick when I piss
'Cause when it comes to cock
Girl I won't quiet it
Always got the good rights to the muthafuckin gym
Cold and bold, 19 years old
I got a fat sack of weed 2 feet tall
I'm 4rm the V town, and the C down
A sucka don't wanna see me clown
Who, could it be
Thatz right Mac Dre
Funky fresh, nothin' less
It's me Kease and my joint in zess
Doinin it, like a porno star
In your box, or in your car
Cool, like the sweat 4rm a snowman
Kick back relax, listen here we go man
4rmthe land of the dope rhyme
And the song goes on
I really hope I'm not to dirty I rap so strong
My mouth piece, man watz really goin' on
4rm Vallejo, California all the 2 China
Hoes of the world
No I'm a stone cold Mack that give the speech
Nothin' but that dope shit
So damn fly, don't ask me Y
I smoke indo, and I smoke Tai
Mac Dre, I thought you new
Down and dirty doin' things that only players can do
The coldest MC on this he Earth
Can't hang with these fools 4rm the Crest side turf (Crestside)
Southside sucka who thinks he can rhyme
But a crestside playa that's straped with a 9
And it don't
I say microphone check 1 2 1 2
It's young Mac Dre, right back at you

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