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Album by Mac Dre.
  1. My Homeboyz Chevy (featuring Andre Nickatina)
  2. Thizzle Mountain
  3. Gon B Trouble (featuring AP.9 and The Jacka)
  4. Get U Higher (featuring Equipto and Vital)
  5. In Here (featuring Equipto and Harm)
  6. I'm a Gangsta (featuring Dubee, Andre Nickatina, Vital and Equipto)
  7. Gurpin Out My '74 Bonneville
  8. Bay Thang (featuring Andre Nickatina)
  9. She's Neva Seen
  10. Goin for Blood Remix (featuring The Jacka, AP.9 and Husalah)
  11. Let Yourself Go (featuring E-40 and Vital)
  12. Ride to It
  13. Life Fades Away (featuring Equipto and Vital)
  14. Still Broke up (featuring Mike Marshall)

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