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California Livin'

This song is by Mac Dre and appears on the album Young Black Brotha (1993) and on the Remix album Do You Remember? (2002).

Ah yeah, this is Mac Dre back in your face
I got my homeboy Coolie in the place
Kick back, let us tell you about...

This California lifestyle that I live,
Woofers in the truck straight slammin',
Strike it through the neighborhood jammin',
Where you could drop the top, or blow the brains,
Hit in the intersection and do some things,
Passin' up folks with a gang of yolks,
Smooth, thick legs, no pantyhose,
Silky perms and dookie braids,
Brothers with curls, some with bangs,
Have parties rock, way past three,
Players straight sip on Hennessey
High street chasers, Chevy racers,
Having sex in the strangest places,
Nike shoes, Levi's jeans,
Triple gold Daytons and ------------,
Some on vocals, some on leads,
Brothers like me rap to the beat,
Dual exhaust, candy paint,
Fat bank and gang a dank,
Never on time, always late,
On the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate,
If you wanna live on the best coast,
You better try to move to the west coast,
Well, life is too short and the game is thick,
Home of the Mac, and group of your chicks,
Where brothers stay on the savage grind,
Kids with the freak when they find the time,
The C-A-L-I-F-O-R ... N-I-A rap superstar,
Dose for dose, I love to spit,
And for the dank, I love to hit it,
Hold me in, so it can choke me,
When I get dank, it will provoke me,
Just bust a rhyme, do the mike,
A west coast rap, the kind you like,
From V-A-double L-E-J-O,
Well, makin' dope raps is all I know,
Wake up in the morning, eat some grits,
Hit the studio, make some hits,
Now that you've been told about,
What you rap fans get sold about,
One million copies, or even more,
I'm pumpin' dope rhymes to the record store,
Yeah fool, you hear me spittin',
Tellin' you about that California livin',

(California livin')
(California livin')
Mac Dre: oh yeah, I got my friend Coolie in the house...
He's gonna bust one.
Coolie: yeah, what time they allow C-double O-L on this microphone? goes like this...

Kickin' it up everyday, tryin' to make it through,
Stackin' a bank, pullin' women and I'll take two,
You wanna be down with this California lifestyle,
Proof is with the child, now livin' wild,
In the streets of California you better be packin',
Now watch your back, into the back is jackin',
The wind breeze, blowin' through the trees,
And I'm still gettin' attacked at a hundred degrees,
Sings so hard on the avenue,
From L.A. to the Bay, brothers stay comin' through,
And Benzes, Porsches, Fives, and things,
Dropped cool -------, whipped up things,
Gold chains and bowls, candy paint and the kitty,
-------, Talk about lips,
Some of the best females ever seen,
Straight California skanks, out for your dreams,
In the gold state, livin' way too real, fool,
And if you soft, you best be cool,
To the double R, all my time is gettin',
Coolie on Mac Dre, California livin',

(California livin')
(California livin')
(California livin')
(California livin')

Coolie: ah yeah, Mac Dre, we're smokin' California livin' on 'em,

(California livin')

What's up my rap gangs?

(California livin')

Ah yeah, that's dope,
Check it out, let's put a little somethin' like this...
Somethin' like this, check it out...

1-2-3-(3) California livin' it up,
Girls be givin' it up,
Kickin' back on the track,
With a some Hen. in your cup,
It's a twelve month party,
So when you see me on stage with Lat and Marty,
Get out your seat and feel the beat,
Peel the freak and don't stop till seas kills the feet,
On the California coast we pop the most,
And dose for dose let's spit the dough,
On the w-e-s-t c-o-a-s-t,
It's young Mac Dre from the c-r-e-s-t,
Down and dirty, doin' things,
Only players can do,
Straight California livin' is what I'm sayin' to you,
Ridin', sidin', whipin', dippin',
24/7 the brotha ain't trippin',
Mac Dre, the one you like to listen to,
Nationwide and now I'm offensive, too,
Put a little swing in the rap game,
And come up strong for the Mac man,

(Mac Dre boy)

(For the Mac man)

(Mac - Mac)

(For the Mac man)

(Mac Dre boy

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