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Shell Shocked (1998)

Mac - Shell Shocked

Shell Shocked

  1. Boss Chick
  2. Be All You Can Be
  3. Soldier Party
  4. Murda, Murda, Kill, Kill
  5. Tank Dogs
  6. Slow Ya Roll
  7. We Don't Love Em
  8. Wooo
  9. Can I Ball
  10. Money Gets
  11. The Game
  12. Callin Me
  13. Memories
  14. Meet Me at the Hotel
  15. Shell Shocked
  16. Paranoid
  17. Nobody Make a Sound
  18. Beef
  19. Camouflage
  20. Empire
  21. My Brother
  22. Shell Shocked (outro)

World War III (1999)

Mac - World War III

World War III

  1. Intro
  2. War Party (featuring Magic and D.I.G.)
  3. Best Friends
  4. Like Before (featuring Storm)
  5. We Deadly (featuring Master P)
  6. Bloody (featuring Magic)
  7. You Never Know (featuring Mia X)
  8. Just Another Thug (featuring C-Murder)
  9. Battle Cry (Tomorrow)
  10. If It's Cool (featuring Ms. Peaches)
  11. Cops and Robbers
  12. Lockdown (remix)
  13. Paradise Popeye and Sam
  14. That's Hip Hop (featuring Sugar, Renior, Xl, Sam and Magic)
  15. Can U Love Me (Eyes of a Killer)
  16. Genocide (skit)
  17. Genocide (featuring Ms. Peaches)
  18. Father's Day
  19. Still Callin' Me (featuring Ms. Peaches and Sons Of Funk)
  20. Assassin Nation (featuring Storm)
  21. Outro

Songs on Compilations

Songs Featuring Mac

Other Songs

  1. Woof!
  2. You'll Never Change

Additional information

Artist information:

  • Born: 1977, Currently serving a 30 year sentence for manslaughter
  • aka: The Camouflage Assassin, Lil Mac

Real name:

Mac is a performance name for McKinley J. Phipps Jr..

Years active:

  • 1989-2000

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