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Down by Law (1987)

MC Shan - Down By Law

Down By Law

  1. Jane, Stop This Crazy Thing
  2. Project 'Ho
  3. The Bridge
  4. Kill That Noise
  5. Down by Law
  6. Left Me Lonely
  7. Another One to Get Jealous Of
  8. M.C. Space
  9. Living in the World of Hip Hop
  10. Beat Biter

Born to Be Wild (1988)

MC Shan - Born To Be Wild

Born To Be Wild

  1. I Pioneered This
  2. Give Me My Freedom
  3. So Def
  4. Back to the Basics
  5. Go for Yours ('Cause I'm Gonna Get Mine)
  6. Born to Be Wild
  7. She's Gone
  8. Juice Crew Law
  9. Words of a Freestyle
  10. They Used to Do It Out in the Park
  11. Never Rock a Party

Play It Again, Shan (1990)

MC Shan - Play It Again, Shan

Play It Again, Shan

  1. Ain't It Good to You
  2. I Ran the Game
  3. Ain't We Funkin'
  4. It Ain't a Hip Hop Record
  5. Death Was Quite a Surprise
  6. Walking on Sunshine
  7. Rock Stuff
  8. Clap Your Hands
  9. Music You Can Dance To
  10. Time for Us to Defend Ourselves
  11. It Don't Mean a Thing
  12. I Want to Thank You
  13. Got to Be Funky
  14. Mic Line
  15. How I Feel About You

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Other Songs

  1. Bridge 2001
  2. Hip Hop Roughneck
  3. Marley Marl Scratch
  4. The Bridge (Bladerunners Dub)

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Born: 1965

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MC Shan is a performance name for Shawn Moltke.

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