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This song is by M2M.

YEH... BaBe... Oh Yeah...
Lets go out together,
To check out the world,
To look at all the things,
You wonder about me.

What'd you do without me?
Will you still think of me?
Would you still care about me?
After all the things I did,
After all the words I said,

It's so impossible,
How you just change,
It doesn't even take a day,
Your heart just swifts away.

N yeah I love you more each day,
Could I be there for you,
To share the thoughts that's in your mind,

What's the point of us?
I don't want to do this anymore,
It just makes us all sad,
It's so stuck in my head.

Would you care for me?
Or would you die for me?
Or would you just say goodbye?

And leave me all by myself...

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