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  1. Please add your nomination to the bottom of the list below. Only nominate songs with existing song pages. Nominations where the song name is a red link will be rejected.
  2. A nomination needs to be something more than just "I like this song." At a minimum give a thoughtful, personal reason why you like the song. (In other words, if your reason could apply to any song, or it is just trivia about the song, it needs something more.) Keep the reason short and to the point. You have about 1-2 lines to use.
  3. When providing a reason for nomination, please make sure that it is written in coherent English. It doesn't need to be perfect grammar, but it should show that some effort was put into it. Anything else will be held back until it is corrected.
  4. Check to ensure that the song has not been Song Of The Day before.
  5. Song lyrics should be accurate and should be formatted according to Help:Contents before being moved to the queue. Additionally, if the song lyrics are not in English, a translation should be provided. If the language uses non-roman characters, both the original characters and a romanized version should be provided.
  • Although not necessary for inclusion as Song of the Day, it is beneficial if nominated pages include YouTube and audio links whenever available. If you love the song enough for it to be SOTD, let others enjoy the music as well as the lyrics!

Nominate a song

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Nomination Template

For more in-depth instructions and information, see Template:SOTDNom

Add the following code to the bottom of the nominations (link) replacing parameters in angle brackets with the information needed for the song. (The template will automatically sign your signature for "Nominated By:")

{{subst:SOTDNom|Artist=<<Artist>>|Song=<<Song Title>>|Reason=<<Reason>>|Notes=<<Any additional notes*>>}}

* Not a required parameter, this is used for any additional notes you have about the nomination, such as requesting the date the song appears as "Song of the Day" (For example The Beatles:Taxman for April 17, 2007 (tax day in the United States.))


Copy and paste the following code (replacing (SONG LINK) and (REASON) with your information):

'''Song: (SONG LINK)'''<br/>
'''Nominated By: ~~~'''<br/>
'''Reason:''' (REASON)<br/>

Example nomination (put real nominations in next section):

{{subst:SOTDNom|Artist=Staind|Song=Everything Changes|Reason=This was the song I was listening to when I decided once and for all that I would go ahead and make this site. Thought it would be appropriate as the first Song of the Day.}}

would produce

Song: Staind:Everything Changes
Nominated By: ExampleUser
Reason: This was the song I was listening to when I decided once and for all that I would go ahead and make this site. Thought it would be appropriate as the first Song of the Day.



Song: Europe:The Final Countdown
Nominated By: Andrew Horne
Reason: The keyboard riff is truly amazing. It was considered to be Europe's smash hit.

Song: The Doors:L.A. Woman
Nominated By: Cubs Fan2007
Reason: A popular staple on classic rock stations, this is probably my favorite Doors tune after "Light My Fire." There's nothing that's not enjoyable about the song; all the band members give it their all, and the results speak for themselves. It may be roughly eight minutes long, but it's certainly worth listening to every second. audio

Song: Golden Earring:Twilight Zone
Nominated By: Cubs Fan2007
Reason: This hit by Dutch rock band Golden Earring was their only Top 10 hit, while simultaneously being only their second Top 40 hit. With its haunting music and lyrics, I'm not surprised it's so popular. audio

Song: Tokio_Hotel:Vergessene Kinder
Nominated By: Rumpleteazer
Reason: An absolutely amazing song by Tokio Hotel. The band recently won Best New Artist at the MTV award and are currently touring around America. This song is just so moving, as it the English version Tokio Hotel:Forgotten Children, particularly with the children singing along with Bill for one of the choruses.

Song: Jack's_Mannequin:Rescued
Nominated By:
Reason: One of Andrew McMahon's most touching songs, in my opinion. The lyrics are beautiful, and the whole atmosphere of the song can bring you to tears if it's just one of those days. The piano just adds to it all. It's strange how the song has some traces of happiness in it as well, like, a feeling of being content.

Song: The Hooters:Johnny B
Nominated By:
Reason: This is the song that introduced me to The Hooters and made me a fan. More than twenty years ago this song made its way straight to my heart and opened it for the music of The Hooters. It is a perfect blend of folk and rock. It has a special feeling to it that is difficult to describe - mysterious, warm, melancholic, wistful come to mind. The lyrics are about not giving in to addictions. video


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