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Unicode Stuff

I'm having the same issue as mentioned below where certain utf8 characters are not correctly returned. For example, in python:

from SOAPpy import WSDL
print WSDL.Proxy("").getSong(u"Die Ärzte", u"Langweilig")["lyrics"]

this results in "Ich denke nach über die Welt Ãœber das, was wirklich zählt" instead of "Ich denke nach über die Welt über das, was wirklich zählt"

Is this something that LyricWiki plans to resolve? Thanks!

-Scott 10:51, 22 October 2007 (EDT)

The problem is not only on output. I tried to search for some Jaromír Nohavica's song. First song Kometa had problem with encoding on output as is described in the first paragraph. Second Nohavica's song Zatímco se koupeš return "Not found". What's worng? --PavelD 16:58, 25 October 2007 (EDT)
I tried ZSI (version 2.0) as is described on LyricWiki:SOAP/Python with the same result as SOAPpy. Locales are cs_CZ.UTF-8 and first song I get is in wrong encoding and the second is Not fond.--PavelD 02:57, 26 October 2007 (EDT)
I have an ugly workaround which works atleast for me. I guess the problem needs to be fixed within ZSI. The Problem seems indeed that the text (or better the byte representation) is encoded twice with UTF-8 on server side.
lyrics = unicode(lyrics.encode("latin-1"), "utf-8")
Umat 00:39, 20 December 2008 (UTC)

I had the same problem with searching, and I solve it that way:

import urllib
song.Artist = urllib.quote(artist.encode('utf-8'))
song.Song = urllib.quote(song.encode('utf-8'))

or in Django:

from django.utils.http import urlquote
song.Artist = urlquote(artist.encode('utf-8'))
song.Song = urllib.quote(song.encode('utf-8'))

--Makenoise 12:15, 31 December 2008 (UTC)

NOFX - Champs Élysées is being returned with garbage characters within the lyrics. I am experiencing the same problem with Java. Does anyone know of a fix? Thanks very much.

Racc 9:59, 23 June 2009 (EST)

Crossdomain issues

Hi, I am trying to use this site to feed some data to a flash movie using the SOAP api. While you do have a crossdomain.xml file on the root of your server, it iget styled by the wiki to create an html page and is unusable by any flash movie. Is this something that can be addressed soon ?

thanks Arpit

This has been fixed. Thanks :) -Sean Colombo 17:39, 6 December 2006 (EST)


When using ruby, i get questionmarks instead of umlauds é's á's ' and other special chars


require 'soap/wsdlDriver'
      driver ="").create_rpc_driver
      driver.getSong("coldplay","talk")         # ( ' == ? )

Web Service checkSongExists is not consistent

Hello all,

I'm very excited about being able to make calls on lyricWiki via the web service, but I'm hitting a problem.

checkSongExists and getSong do not manage to find a song that is listed on the site. The specific example I have is "Hands in Your Pocket" by "Richard Marx".

Lyrics are available here:

but when I call checkSongExists I always get a zero returned. See the code below. I don't think this is a case problem. I've added some mixed case examples so you can see.

l.checkSongExists 'Richard Marx' 'Hands in your pocket'


l.checkSongExists 'Richard Marx' 'Hands in Your Pocket'


l.checkSongExists 'Richard Marx' 'Hands In Your Pocket'


l.checkSongExists 'Toto' 'Africa'


l.checkSongExists 'Toto' 'africa'


l.checkSongExists 'Toto' 'aFrIca'


Any ideas anyone?

Oh, I've just noticed that the following fails:

l.checkSongExists 'ToTo' 'aFrIca'


so maybe the case-insensitive search is only done on the track not the artist (getSong also returns "Not Found" for 'ToTo', perhaps proving that). BUT, the Richard Marx is cased exactly as in the html.

Is seems that in SOME cases case-insensitivity works but not in all.

cheers, people.


Hi, I hope I'm in the correct place to post this issue, if not please let me know where I should post. I use the iTSfv tool to add lyrics from LyricWiki to my tracks in iTunes. I've noticed for some songs that include wiki formatting in the lyrics themselves I get these added to the lyrics in my tracks. For example the track The Raconteurs:The Switch And The Spur contains the text "You shall never return" which is bolded and italicised. Or the track Passengers:Miss Sarajevo has the text "East 17" which is actually a link to the band. In both cases I either get '''''You shall never return''''' or [[East 17]] in the downloaded lyrics. I would assume it makes more sense for the API to send lyrics in plaintext rather than containing any wiki formatting. Thanks, I love the site by the way. --Ptha 15:57, 8 May 2009 (UTC)

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