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artist and album categories

I wonder if it would be hard to copy the code for categories, and rename it to artist and album? that way you could just add {{lw|[[:Artist:Some Artist}}]] and {{lw|[[:Album:Some Album}}]] to the bottom of each lyric page, which might make cataloguing easier.

then again, perhaps you could just use {{lw|[[:Category:Artist:Some Artist}}]] and LRC file from Jill Scott:A Long Walk

There are only 6 songs currently that have timed lyrics, but you are more than welcome to add more.
As to studio and live tracks, it is feasable to add multiple lrc templates at the bottom of the track for the different versions of the song. For example:
{{lrc|Jill_Scott_-_A_Long_Walk_(Who_Is_Jill_Scott).lrc|Studio Version}} {{lrc|Jill_Scott_-_A_Long_Walk_(Who_Is_Jill_Scott) (Live).lrc|Live}} {{lrc|Jill_Scott_-_A_Long_Walk_(Who_Is_Jill_Scott) (Random Remix Version).lrc|Random Remix Version}}
and so on. A plugin would just extract the correct link from the song page. Of course this is not set in stone, so any suggestions you may have are very welcome.
- Teknomunk 13:04, 13 October 2006 (PDT)

- That is great news! Thanks for responding to this. I recommend that this feature be promoted somehow - perhaps as an official announcement along with highlighting it on the main page. This is a feature that could really set this site apart from other similar offerings. I can't think of any other site that is wiki-based plus offers timed lyrics. Also, if the current content was culled by a crawler bot, perhaps lrc files could be harvested the same way? Now we just need someone smarter than me to work on plugins...  :-)

I created Category:Timed lyrics so maybe we can keep track of them. We need a good resource for this kind of thing.... although, it'd be easier just to have have pages for timed lyrics instead of just .lrc files. Gren 09:36, 23 January 2007 (EST)

Not sure what I did

I'm new to Wikis and was playing around in the Sandbox to get the formatting correct to add a new artist/album (The Portugal Japan). Then I was gonna go ahead to create the actual page, but seem to only have a blank artist template now. How exactly do you start a new artist/album page? — The preceding unsigned comment was added by Larryni (talk).

Not sure what happened, it doesn't show the text in the page's history. Anyways, the artist belongs at The Portugal Japan. I put what I could find there.
You may want to look at the help section for a few pointers on getting started. Also, have a look at the source for existing artist. If you have any additional questions, please let us know so we can help you and so that we can update the help with that information.
- Teknomunk 18:08, 16 October 2006 (PDT)
Thanks Teknomunk, appreciated. I did have the Help and a artist source page open in separate tabs when I was entering the info, just don't know where I went wrong after that. -Larryni 04:06, 17 October 2006 (PDT)

Call For Album Of The Week Nominations

In preparations for updating the main page with Main Page/Layout/Proposals/Frontway, an initial set of nominations for the album of the week are needed. When nominating an album, please write a short paragraph on why the album should be an album of the week. To make a nomination, head over to LyricWiki talk:Album Of The Week.
- Teknomunk 08:42, 16 October 2006 (PDT)

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