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What is SOTD?

SOTD Badge
The "Song of the Day" badge

SOTD or SotD is the abbreviation for "Song of the Day", a daily award here on LyricWiki that is given away to songs that have been nominated by our users. Every day - even on Sundays and public holidays Wink - one song is in the spotlight and presented on our main page. It gets a small badge (see the picture on the right) in the lyricbox and will be archived as winner of the award for that specific date.

What is the special page for?

The SOTD special page is the new page where users submit their nominations for our SOTD. In contrast to the former system where everyone had to copy and paste a code in wikisyntax, it provides a uniform and easy way to make your nomination.

How do I nominate a song?

There is two ways you can start a nomination:

  1. Go to the SOTD special page and enter the values
  2. Go the song's page and click the link "Nominate as Song of the Day" above the external links

If you choose the second way, the following information will already be inserted:

  • Artist Name
  • Song Name
  • YouTube video ID (if present on the songpage)
  • GoEar audio ID (if present on the songpage)
Nomination link
The nomination link is on the right above the "External links" section

The link won't be displayed for song pages that already were Song of the Day, as re-nomination isn't allowed.

What do I have to fill in?


  • Fill in the artist name, for example Staind
  • Required field
  • Artistpage has to exist
  • Will be filled in if nominated via link


  • Fill in the song name, for example Everything Changes
  • Required field
  • Songpage has to exist
  • Will be filled in if nominated via link


  • Fill in why you nominated the song, why it is so special to you or in general and what makes it worth being SOTD
  • Needs to be at least 50 characters long
  • Required field


  • Fill in the video ID from the YouTube page:
  • Optional field
  • Will be filled in if nominated by the link and already defined on the songpage
  • You can click on the field's caption to get to


  • Fill in the audio ID from the GoEar page:
  • Optional field
  • Will be filled in if nominated by the link and already defined on the songpage
  • You can click on the field's caption to get to

Preferred date

If you wish to connect your nomination with a certain date because the song is related to a specific date, you can tick the checkbox here and select the date.


The occasion belongs to the preferred date and is optional. You needn't specify an occasion to submit a nomination with a preferred date. However (to prevent queue-jumping, which occurs more often than you might expect) preferred dates within two weeks from the date of nomination are only possible if an occasion is given. If no reason is present the nomination will be pulled in the order of submission.

How do I get best chances?

Besides to the required fields, you can try to make your nomination apply to as many of these points as possible:

  • Give a detailed reason - The more suitable the reason appears to our SOTD managers, the higher chances are to convince them. Best reasons are those that really apply to that specific song you nominate. "Because it's cool" might as well apply to the other 100 nominations. Nominations which are obviously extended with nonsense to pass the 50 characters-limit are rejected as a matter of principle. 50 characters may sound like a lot, but usually even only one suitable sentence has far more than 50 characters. If not, you should rethink if your reason isn't really too common anyway. (N.B.: The previous sentence already contained 73 characters. Not that difficult, is it?)
  • Provide at least one ID - Although YouTube and GoEar IDs are optional, it's always better to provide them if possible. Once SOTD, many users will see the nomination, and of course our goal is to present the song to our users. Hence we need some audible media, preferable in good quality (for we all know audio tracks that were recorded with a laser pointer, don't we? Wink). At least one of both should be provided, even better if you can provide both. Update on 15th October 2011: Nominations without any media ID will be deleted immediately from now on!
  • Give the preferred date an occasion - As explained above, the occasion is somewhat required for preferred dates in the near future, but also for the more distant dates an occasion greatly increases your chances. That is, if two songs were nominated for the same date, the one with the more important reason will be taken, and everything is better than no occasion.
  • Nominate early enough - Especially for preferred date nomations, it's best to bring up the nominations at least a week before the preferred date. That is important because although our SOTD managers check the suggestions-queue quite frequently, they can't and don't check it daily. You may always try, but don't be too disappointed if your nomination doesn't make it into the queue if you submit it on short notice.
  • Make the songpage look good - The nomination will likely forward some people to the songpage, so it should look tidy, thus you can try to do the following things:
    • Fill in the IDs from your nomination to the songpage. For YouTube, use the {{youtube embed}} template. For GoEar, use the {{SongFooter}}.
    • Insert the album into the {{SongHeader}} template.
    • Maybe even apply the {{WP-Song}} badge where possible.
    • If you're experienced in editing, try to fill out the {{SongFooter}} parameters.
    • Finally, upgrade the song to Bronze.
  1. However, if you aren't familiar with wikisyntax and editing pages here, you needn't to do that all. Our SOTD managers will visit the nominated songs' pages and tidy them up as well. Nevertheless an already very tidy page has higher chances to be taken than a totally messy one, of course.
Tidy page
Pages with media links, filled in album, a good formatting and page ranking are likely to be chosen first

What information is stored and displayed?

  • Everything you enter into the form.
    • The choice of the song might reveal what music you listen to.
    • Especially the reason or occasion might contain personal information (e. g. the date of your birthday)
  • The timestamp of submission
  • Your IP, respectively your username with your non-wikimarkup-signature (if available)

Everything except the timestamp will be visible in public once your nomination was accepted. If you don't agree with publishing any of this information, do not submit a nomination! All data related to a nomination will be removed if you withdraw your nomination before it was accepted. Declined nominations are completely removed from the suggestions after some time, too.

What can I do if ...

... I lost my token?

Usually, there's nothing we will do about that. However there are some rare cases imaginable when you really need to edit or withdraw the nomination you made without the token, for example something similar to this situation: you've nominated your and your boy- or girlfriend's song ("our song"), and mentioned this in the reason, but the relationship breaks before the song is SOTD. We fully understand you'd rather not see it archived as "our song" anymore now. For those cases, you may write an email to our SOTD manager Chris. Be fair enough to use this only if absolutely necessary, please. Make sure to provide anything to authenticate as submitter if you're an anonymous user.

... my nomination contains an error?

After you submitted a nomination, the page will render a preview, together with the possibility to go back to edit mode. Without the token, this is the last opportunity to fix errors. Afterwards, most typos are usually fixed by our SOTD managers.

... my nomination was declined?

Try to find out the reason why it was declined: Check if the song has still not been SOTD and is not present in the queue. Did you provide a good and unique reason in English? Did you add media IDs? If the answer is "yes" for all 4 questions ("Not SOTD already?", "Not in the queue?", "Good unique reason?", "Provided IDs?"), you can leave a message on the talk page. If you think your nomination wasn't good enough, try to re-nominate the song with a better reason. Seriously, go for it!

... I want to change the username?

Anonymous users cannot modify the way they are displayed in any manner. The nominations will always be displayed with the IP. Registered users may use the signature in their Special:Preferences. They can also leave a message on the talk page.


Media IDs

To reduce the size of our queue, nominations without media IDs will be declined immediately. Please take the time to search for them, or use the link on the song page.

Changing the reasons

Some of you might have noticed that their reasons aren't always displayed like they were submitted. That is because although it'd be easy to decline them, I usually try to extend short-reasoned but otherwise good nomination's reasons so that they match our criteria. If you don't want us to change the texts, either provide a longer and more interesting reason, or refrain from submitting nominations.

Time before nominations

Although the new special page already provides good editing features for us admins, refilling the queue remains a time consuming activity. As I will be very busy for the next two years, I will keep my scheme of refilling the queue monthly. That is: if you want your preferred date nomination to be regarded, you need to nominate it at least one month earlier. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I can't invest more time to weekly copy around all the songs.

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