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Sad song with beautiful lyrics. About the breakup of Blink-182.
One of Metallica's best by far. About stuff like nightmares and most children's nighttime fears. Brill song!
It's a kick-ass song by a fresh new kick-ass band.
I'm dropping out of college today to pursue my dreams. Long live the day that I decided to fly from the inside!
Don't normally like this type of music but I love Jamiroquai! This one's a real 'chill out' song.
Another great song from Maiden. Real powerful.
Apart from her "J'irai ou tu iras" the best French song I know: very nice musical arrangement.
"When love was wilder/Than the wind"
One of those songs that stays in your head with a full "head-in" chorus.
Another inspiring song from Staind with powerful lyrics.
Everything you need is right in front of you; just take it.
Don't like movie music but I like The Boss. Lyrics with a meaning and besides, it's just a beautiful song.
This one goes out to the most amazing girl in the world ;)
Probably one of my favourite songs of all time. Most people will love this.
One of my favorite songs in the '90's.
Because to love you, to me, is to live.
When I was a little girl, I used to playback this song in my mind all the time. Very motivating.
It's true...if you've got love, you really have everything you ever dreamed about, and more.
One of my favorite songs of all time. The lyrics only get better each time I listen to the song, as it is something of a metaphor for my life philosophy.
Reality has an incredible ability to sneak up on you from behind and kick you right back down into those dirty trenches.
This song is a brilliant parody of Chamillionare's, Ridin'. It is one of the best songs that Weird Al has produced
A wonderful feel good song that reminds you of summer.
Quite possibly one of the Hardest hitting songs ever when you listen to it properly, with brilliant lyrics and a great tune - Also a great entrance and Atmosphere created, a real work of musical art
I don't normally like country songs, but these lyrics are amazing.
A real powerful song that's always in any metal fan's record stack.
A very catchy song in japanese. Impossible not to like.
This is a song from me to my amazing man.
It's just impossible not to love this song.
One of the best songs i've ever heard. and i think it's a song anybody can relate to.
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