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This song really is an epic piece of musical art. The song flows so smoothly and gracefully and creates an awesome atmosphere that is seldom felt by many songs of today. It is also as lyrically beautiful as it is musically, painting a picture that boggles the mind. All in all, an awesome song that never got the credit it really deserved.
I love this song. It's a good dance song and the girl who sings it is just a really good singer! This deserves to be the Song of the Day!
Well, it's pretty much one of the saddest songs,I ever heard and the lyrics are great, but the fact that it is a ska song, makes it special. On one hand you've got the cheerful ska music and on the other hand you've got lyrics about a child who's gonna lose his mother.

It's hard to explain, but to me it's a really power- and meaningful song.

Definitly one of The Used's best songs; Soft verses, screamy bridges, soft chorus, amazing outro. One of the few songs out that has a nice soft-heavy balance combined with great lyrics. One of my all-time favourite has definitly made a huge impact on my life and many others.
Because I don't mind you hanging 'round... and wasting all my time. Just on question though: where exactly are they hanging out if she is talking in her sleep? Interesting.
Because is one of the best song of queen, is the song that Freddie use to say goodbye and tell to everyone to continue and that "The Show Must Go On" without him, but honestly this is impossible... Freddie We Miss You
I'm surprised that this song hasn't been a song of the day on LyricWiki!!! All right, this is commercially the best Eminem song. But it is also the best critically Eminem song (just like with "Stan"). It is the only one rap song that won Academy Award. That's why his next album's title is King Mathers!
Satirical genius Jello Biafa takes on the role of his hated right-wing opponents here, describing the injustices of the vicious Pol Pot regime and the idiotic ability of Americans to sit idly.. The regime under Pol Pot aka Saloth Sar killed about 1/3 of the Cambodian population, while the West sat and watched, so "Holiday in Cambodia" comes off as an eloquent assault on both the complacancy of the capitalist west and the brutality of the totalitarian east. This is a staple of the old hardcore scene.'
  • In '98 the remaining members of the resurrected DK sued Jello Biafra for refusing to allow the song to be used in a Levi's commercial, but it was decided that the royalties were defrauded.''
I heard this song in Cartoon Network in an advertisement for Gundam Wing. I got sorta interested, and when I heard it again, I loved it. It's another one of LP's sounds that show how most people really feel.
In 1983, this became Prince's first top 10 hit in the US. Reportedly conceived by Prince after falling asleep in bandmate Lisa Coleman's pink Ford Edsel following an all-night recording session, Little Red Corvette paved the way for his breakout 1984 album Purple Rain.
Considered as Linkin Park's most recognised and praised songs, In The End gives a real nu metal melody mixing with Chester Bennington's vocals and Mike Shinoda's rapping. It went straight to number one and stayed in that spot for five straight weeks making Linkin Park a mainstream success
My baby love this musik.
It is one of these songs which keep you spellbound immediately. Maybe because of the cadence of violin sounds, maybe because one can feel there is something more to it that the seemingly simple lyrics appear to tell.
Well, in short: it's a riddle. And a tough one, too. In fact, it took me at least 20 years to find the answer: The song is about... shall I really say
who is calling?
Amber is a soft song good for relaxing and it has a great mix of sounds.
GLaDOS is one of my favorite AI's (she does the vocals in this song). Coulton is also the creator of Code Monkey, another funny song. Still Alive plays during the closing credits of the new game Portal and will crack you up even if you haven't played the game.
When you are done reading these lyrics, we will give you cake.
This song is one of the most innovative and catchiest pop songs of recent years. Produced by Girls Aloud's only producers, Xenomania, who have also produced for Sugababes, Cher and Kylie Minogue. The song was released in October 2006 and charted at #3 in the U.K., making it their first appearance in the top three since their 2004 #1 I'll Stand By You. Also, it was the first song by a British act to enter the top five on downloads only.
Just a tribute to my man Brad Delp, former lead singer for Boston, who committed suicide. Apologies if this is a repost, but I've been somewhat out of the news loop and just found out. They've been one of my favorite bands for some time and the news crushed me.
Even though this song peaked #9 in the United States, it peaked #1 in 19 countries including Canada which it made the biggest impact. There it broke the record for most weeks at #1 on the Canadian Adult Contemporary (AC) chart with an amazing stay of 14 weeks. On the Canadian (CHR) chart it holds the record for highest-ever debut at #3, shattering the previous record of #10 set by U2 and went on to stay at #1 for 6 weeks, also breaking the record for longest stay at #1. It also broke the record for 'most first-day spins' on CHR Radio, as measured by BDS, who compile Canadian Radio charts based on detected spins, or plays, on Radio stations across Canada. In 2000, the Backstreet Boys held the #1 position on the (CHR) and (AC) charts a combined 19 weeks. It spent six weeks at the top of the Canadian Singles Chart.
This song is a masterfully composed ballad about a man who refuses to lose the love he has found, just for a few moments of romance somewhere else. In a world of temptation and infidelity, this song preaches on a strong moral fiber in which should be embedded within all of our hearts.
Interesting lyrics, and a really groovy beat. There is an interesting contrast between the two sisters' voices that makes me replay this song for the whole day and not get tired of it.
This was used in the 1988 animated film The Land Before Time.
Jim Morrison always wondered what it was like when people would die, and one day he finally; "broke on through (to the other side)". I nominate this song in memory of him.
Nice, catchy tune, and VERBAL can really rap. This song just feels very fun to listen to.
The melody was inspired by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev's Romance Melody from the Lieutenant Kije Suite. Sting wrote this during the Cold War, a tense time when Russia and the United States felt threatened by the nuclear missiles they had pointed at each other. Sting's lyrics ask whether Russians love their children too. "Oppenheimer's deadly toy" refers to the atomic bomb. Robert Oppenheimer was an American physicist who was considered "The father of the atomic bomb." He later regretted his creation, saying he intended it to be used for energy in peace time. Ronald Reagan and Nikita Khrushchev’s names were mentioned in this song.
Justin Curry's fantastic vocals go perfect with great thought provoking lyrics.
Lead singer Chris Martin has said that the lyrics are about being devoted to someone, wanting to do anything for them - writing a song for them, swimming across the sea for them and so on. He said that it's not necessarily a romantic devotion, but someone that you look up to and would do anything for, a brotherly love.
Very universal song. Deep meaning which tells a very important story for the ones with a lack of self-confidence. Great solos, lyrics, and vocals.
KM-Markit raps really well, and it's simply amazing to see how he can tackle the his raps with such ease. BAKAYA-Row has a simply catchy tune, and the collaboration between two of Japan's best rappers (KM with VERBAL, who is part of M-flo) really makes it the best rap I've ever heard.
This song was originally written by Pete Seeger. This is a protest that became the key anthem of the US Civil Rights Movement.
Because everyone has been a victim of the rickroll at some point in their lives.
Sting wrote this song about famed gay author Quentin Crisp and his experiences as an outcast. Crisp moved from London to New York in 1986, and Sting spent several days with the author.
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