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With a guitar riff resembling Tenacious D's "The Metal", this was the second single released by Queen + Paul Rodgers. I think it's a great ode to celebrity and fame.
A great song with a amazing performance by the drummer Joey Jordison, also some great riffs throughout the song and a great vocal performance. In my opinion the lyric is a little interesting and for those who have not seen the video, I recommend it to you. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
I've never really gotten into girl bands, but my interest has piqued after learning Joan Jett Wikipedia16 was the group's rhythm guitarist. I'm not surprised it charted on VH1's list of the greatest hard rock songs.
With Rise Against returning to Fat Wreck Chords for the release of the EP Rise Against (May 2009), it is time to look a back at one of their previous tracks with the label and a great example of their earlier material. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
The first single from Highway Companion became one of my favorites after hearing it on the radio. That driving guitar riff rocks.
Arranged by Stevie Winwood, Traffic's cover of the English folk song is one of my faves from the band. The song is so soft-spoken, you can't help but sympathize with the title character.
At a searing six and a half minutes, this is an awesome UFO song. I think it's got everything it needs to satisfy hard rock fans.
I think the first time I ever heard of UFO was when I heard Tesla's cover of "Rock Bottom". But I'm glad I did. This is a great British hard rock song. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
Coldplay is no doubt one of the greatest alternative rock bands. This song is basically built around a repeating guitar section and the timpani playing in the background. I am pleased to finally see one of their songs become a #1 hit. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
R.E.M.'s third single from New Adventures in Hi-Fi is an ode to Los Angeles and Hollywood icons. I really like it because it mentions two of my favorite actors: Steve McQueen, and Martin Sheen. And the piano part is superb.
As the follow-up single to "Take Me Out" (and as a proclaimed ripoff of "Hell Hotel" by They Might Be Giants), it's one of Franz Ferdinand's most popular hits, reaching the Top Ten in the UK. And the music is great, too; that riff is quite catchy. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
While Jeff Keith's voice doesn't quite measure up to Ian Gillan's, Tesla's cover of the Deep Purple song is still a gem in my book. To me, it seems a bit odd for a hard rock band to cover a hard rock band, but Tesla definitely makes it work.
I'm nominating this a little late for Mother's Day, because it's my mother's favorite song, and I'm sure everyone can relate to it. I myself am not a big fan of Alice Cooper, but I've decided to appreciate the irony of the kid not approving of what the parents listen to. Besides, it's a cool song.
Another great cowboy song from Outlaws, this is a bit more hard-rocking than "(Ghost) Riders". But Hughie Thomasson has got such a great voice, it makes up for it in spades.
Released as the B-side to "American Woman", it's got a simple, sweet melody. This is definitely a classic rock keeper. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
I can't believe I'm admitting I watch it, but television fans will recognize the song as the theme to Gilmore Girls. I really like the piano playing; it's just so bouncy and up-tempo.
A fantastic song off Coldplay's recent outing, Viva la Vida.... It is a very good "opener" of sorts - the first song on the album to have lyrics, and it fits so well onto the album. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
A beautifully crafted song, both lyrically and musically. One of Coldplay's best, although not as well-known as I thought it was. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube(Played live)
Written in response to Neil Young's "Southern Man" and "Alabama", ironically none of the band members were actually from Alabama: most of the band was from Florida, while Ed King was from California. But the song is still a Southern rock classic, and it's one of my favorites from the genre.
Featuring one of the most recognizable riffs in garage rock, this is one of my favorite songs from the British Invasion. The Kinks' raw sound just makes it incredible.
This song by Hollywood Undead from their album Swan Songs is a great song. Great intro music. Great song to listen to if you want to get pumped up for a sporting event. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
It describes our troops very well. And what they go through when they are away from home. Not to mention that it is another great song by the group. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
Quite simply an amazing song, albeit a strange video, but this Trek themed song is well known in the general community. It might be cheesy, but with a new Trek film out, the Enterprise will again be boldly going forward, cos we can't find reverse. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube

Preferred Date: 08 May 2009, official release date of the new Star Trek film.

The guitar is awesome in this song; another great creation from Disturbed. I love the way he yells "GO!" at the beginning of the song.
It's an awesome song about revenge against bullies. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
Of the two cover versions I've heard of the classic cowboy song, this is probably my favorite. As a Southern rock band, Outlaws just seem to fit the song perfectly.
While the music is great, I'm nominating it more because of the memorable music video, featuring footage of Vaughan and Double Trouble in a rainstorm performing the song. It's not laugh out loud funny, but it does fit the music. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
This one goes out to everyone running the Pittsburgh Marathon today!
YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
Commissioned specifically as the theme song to the James Bond film, it was up to that point, the most successful Bond theme. The song reached #2 in the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1973 and #7 in the UK charts and still remains a staple of Paul's live show, with the pyrotechnic displays dramatically exploding during the "live and let die" refrain.
This is one of Paul McCartney's most popular post-Beatles hits, being one of nine #1 singles. It's certainly one of my favorites to sing-along with.
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