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Its a old time classic, that is very popular for the seniors and young people as it was rediscovered on the internet. On a side-note i am on a public computer so i can't register my username here.
Love Never Dies Part 1 (with its fantastic Carmina Burana sample) opens the album and Love Never Dies Part 2 is a beautiful end.
My favourite Sisters song.
Another great song from A Perfect Circle. Who hasn't felt like this at some point?
Its absolutely gorgeous, and Bob Dylan made this list.
Some of the most incredible imagery, from one of the bands without nearly enough recognition.
Because it was Freddie's baby.
Quite touching for me.
Just a personal favorite, really. Nicely crafted lyrics.
Just seems like a good one to start off on.
This song will want you to turn your speakers all the way up. When the drum and bass hit you, it's just heaven.
Who wouldn't be crazy about this song? (Excuse the pun)
Great song. Well-written, even though I like it more for the melody than anything (great melody!). Song never took off like it should have, circa 2002.
In a very high-paced, fast-moving age, this song takes you back to an era when everything seemed calmer and moved more slowly. But only listen to this song if you are in a good mood and/or if you are in love...otherwise, it may be too sad!
New song from the new supergroup lead by Jack White from The White Stripes
A unique feature about this song is that the syllables in the lines form the Fibonacci Sequence. A much deeper mathematical reference than is typically found in mainstream music.
As Rolling Stone magazine declared, "No other pop song has so thoroughly challenged and transformed the commercial laws and artistic conventions of its time." This song was ahead of it's time.
The song with the most sought-after lyrics in Phish's 300+ song repertoire. So common has been the question, "What are they saying in You Enjoy Myself," it has spawned not only the acronym "WATSIYEM?" but also with some frequency, "WDWATSIYEMM?" (What does "WATSIYEM" mean?). Clearly, it is time to elucidate this perennial mystery for the world at large.
Amazing artist, and his timeless classic
One of the greatest songs ever. Period.
This was the song I was listening to when I decided once and for all that I would go ahead and make this site. Thought it would be appropriate as the first Song of the Day.
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