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It's the Linkin Park I've come to know and love and easily the best song on Meteora. This is the band I've come to know and love as my second favorite of all time and I hope they can bounce back from the awfulness that is Minutes To Midnight AKA Chester Bennington's Solo Album ft. M. Shinoda
Even though this song failed to peak on any Billboard charts, it still had the most attention towards me, making it my favorite Linkin Park song.
This Song was a Great song and showed that Linkin Park is back with their great songs.
Even though Beds are Burning is the band's big hit, The Dead Heart still had the most attention towards me, making it my favorite Midnight Oil song. It also can be heard on SIRIUS Satellite Radio Stations.
This song is full of wisdom but still has a rocking tone with killer guitar. One quote that I've especially been amazed by: "If I claim to be a wise man, well, it surely means that I don't know."
I love this song! Blake Lewis sang it on American Idol. (He should have won.) It's my favorite song and I think it deserves some credit.
Saul Williams is a master poet, and his songs have some of the best, most intelligent, and most meaningful lyrics you'll find. This is one of his works. You can watch him preform it here.
This song is literally written and sung by britney soears herself and is dedicated to her son, sean preston. As a son, i appreciate this gift from a mother and should be tresasured for its is one of the best thing in the world that a child could be proud of for his mom. And, i love brit.. ahehehe...
It was the band’s most commercially successful single, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and #1 on the Modern Rock Tracks. It also peaked #1 on the Adult Top 40, Top 40 Tracks, and the Top 40 Mainstream.
Tells why Eminem is best in rapping business . Reinforces the supremacy of him over others..
It is my favorite Sting song and is sometimes one of Sting’s smash hits. It peaked at #4 at both the Top 40 Mainstream and the Modern Rock Tracks in 1993.
This song by the Japanese artist Angela is the opening of the new anime Heroic Age. This song definitely sounds heroic. Filled with powerful vocals and vivid lyrics, this song is a rarity for any language.
Simon recorded this 3 months after returning from South Africa, where he worked with local musicians and experimented with their sounds. At the time, South Africa was divided by Apartheid, a policy that separated blacks and whites, and many musicians were boycotting the country as a result. Simon's visit went over very well, and including South African musicians on the album gave it a distinctive sound that helped make it a huge hit. Its album won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 1988.
John Ondrasek is my new favorite artist. With classics like "Superman", "100 Years" and "The Riddle", he has become a premier singer-songwriter, This track from his newest album is just so great to listen to and could be his next hit.
After Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers toured in 1983, they took some time off, and Petty started working with Dave Stewart from The Eurythmics. This was the first song they wrote together, and the psychedelic sound was a big departure from Petty's work with The Heartbreakers. This song peaked at #2 on Mainstream Rock Tracks and #13 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985.
On his face is a map of the world... Dude, that guy must have a huge face! I just love the sound of this song.
Group leader Neil Finn wrote this after having a terrible fight with his wife, Sharon. This song was the band’s biggest hit in the US, as it peaked at #2 on the Billboard singles chart.
Kaoru (aka Erika Sawajiri) has perfectly fine-tuned elements of happiness and sadness in this song. Plus, she's got great skills with her guitar.
This song is from the film Batman Forever. It won two Grammy Awards in 1996 for “Song of the Year” and “Record of the Year”. It also won the MTV Movie Awards for "Best Song in a Movie" in the same year.
The lively tune and cute voice of Koda Kumi will brighten up the day of any listener. The MV is also one of her cutest!
This song is dedicated to Leif Ericson. It is sung from the perspective of Vikings rowing west from Scandinavia in search of new lands. Its driving, regular beat evokes the determination of explorers and their oars hitting the water, and the lyrics make explicit reference to Viking conquests and the Old Norse religion. The song was inspired by the band’s trip to Iceland.
Any dude that can sing that high deserves some props... don't you think?
Love the sexy lyrics in this song. Wanna see you sweat... wanna see you groove. Plus it's Led Zeppelin, what more do you want?
Really cool song with a dark twist. The song is about a guy who throws himself into the ocean to commit suicide. Then as the ship is sailing off he realizes all the reasons that he doesn't want to die. Pity.
This song truly explains things that are going on right now. I think it is a very inspirational song, it has good lyrics. This song really shows a good example of appreciating our beautiful planet
Incubus is a very nice band...For me this is a very inspirational song and it is very catchy...
She is just so darn HOT. Plus it is a really catchy song and has been stuck in my head so I though... why not?
Joel wrote this for supermodel Christie Brinkley, who he married less than two years after this was released. Joel is from Long Island, New York, and always considered himself a working-class, regular guy. He was very surprised when the glamorous Brinkley went for him.
It is a really catchy song. Also, it was her first and a ton of people like it. That is why this song should be Song of the Day.
It's Kamelot's new single and it's released on June 1st. See the vid at
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