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Initially ignored upon its release as the "B" side to "Hello Melinda Goodbye", it became popular (eventually hitting #3 on the chart) when it was re-released as the "A" side. While I like the Tesla version, there's a reason the original is a classic. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
It got me out fo my endless ring of listening to nothing but Japanese music (and made me realize that not all American music is bad, ;) ), for one. Also, really good, beat, rather odd lyrics, that at times didn't make sense to me, but a very, very good song. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
Infamous for its use in the ear-cutting scene in Reservoir Dogs, this Dylanesque pop song was Stealers Wheel's biggest hit. While it's completely different, I have to admit it's amazing how much the harmony sounds like Dylan. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
Literally meaning, "The Season of Hell", it has to be one of Ali Project's creepiest songs. And although it bares a resemblance in melody to one of their other songs ("Gesshouku Grand Guignol"), (probably because of the synthesizer common in their songs involving Neo-Classicism), reading the lyrics gave me the chills. Not to mention, Arika Takarano uses her amazing voice, yet again, ;) YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
One of three hit singles from the Blue Album, this is my favorite after "My Name Is Jonas". Rivers Cuomo is a great songwriter, and Ric Ocasek knows how to produce great music.
"'Videotape" is a beautiful example of Radiohead's ability to make a song both simple and intricate at once. Backed by a single repeating piano bar, Thom Yorke sings from the perspective of a dying man recording a final message to his loved ones. The sparse arrangement and Yorke's signature falsetto give this song a powerfully emotional sound; the final verse nearly reduced me to tears the first time I heard it. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
Originally being from North Carolina, I can really connect to this song. It's soft-spoken, but it's incredibly powerful.
Even though this song did not peak at #1 on any of the US charts, it still gave me attention to make it my favorite Don Henley song. This song had touched me which made me think about my grandfather who passed away of heart failure just two days after the last time I saw him four years ago (July 24, 2005).

Preferred Date: July 24, 2009

The Firm's only Top 40 hit, it's a far cry from the music of Bad Company and Led Zeppelin. But that's why it rocks; it shows that Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers can move past their respective hard rocking sounds. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
Well, first of all, the melody is of the "haunting" kind (gotta love Visual-Kei), and the lyrics are absolutely...well...they're kind of haunting too, the Kanon having a conversation with some kind of doll named "Miss Alice" throughout the whole song, which although creepy, I love. Plus, it reminds me of my best friend. She showed me this song. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
I think this song is even more acid rocking than "Somebody to Love". I love how the song builds and builds until the ending release.
This song is one of my all-time favorites. It was a radio hit in 2009, topping several charts for many weeks and the lyrics are beautiful. It has been my "song of the day" for many days this year. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
This is one my favorite songs from the psychedelic 60s. Grace Slick has got such an awesome voice, and it ties the whole song together. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
This is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. The song starts out slow with Chris Martin playing the piano, later to be joined by his bandmates' instruments in the second verse. This ballad just has such a soothing vibe; the piano and guitar melody is so simple yet so riveting. This song has amazing lyrics that details a man who is struggling with love.

Preferred Date: July 18, 2009

I've never been an REO Speedwagon fan before, but I think this is one of the greatest arena rock songs ever. The original studio version on 1973's Ridin' The Storm Out just doesn't compare to live REO. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
An amusing country song from The Statler Brothers, it was a hit on both the Billboard Country chart and the Hot 100. It also gained exposure from its use in Pulp Fiction, and later when Bruce Willis referenced it in Die Hard with a Vengeance. Take a listen:
This is one of The Yardbirds' best blues covers (before they shifted towards pop with "For Your Love"). They were able to take John Lee Hooker's song and make it their own, while keeping it true to the original. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
I never knew the song only reached #34 on the pop chart; I thought it charted much higher. But no matter where it peaked, it's still a classic on radio stations and more than memorable.
Surpisingly reaching the Top 20 on the chart, this was the last track on The Doors' last album before Jim Morrison's death. I love the final fade out, with the sound of the pattering rain.
An uncharacteristically bluesy song by The Doors, the lyrics are based upon a poem Jim Morrison wrote in 1968. And I don't know why, but the spoken-word lyrics just seem to fit the song more than if they'd been sung. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
The second track from Deep Purple's debut album is a far cry from the band's hard rock sound of years to come, but it's an awesome song from their catalogue. It's a shame Rod Evans didn't stick around.
One of the most recognizable songs from the 1980s punk rock scene, this is one of The Clash's signature songs after "London Calling". It wasn't a hit on the pop chart, but it did reach the Top 20 on the Mainstream Rock chart. In my book, it's a classic either way. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
Apparently influenced by Thin Lizzy front man Phil Lynott, this was one of Journey's biggest hits, reaching the Top 40, but falling just shy of the Top 20. Steve Perry has an amazing voice, and Neal Schon's guitar playing matches it completely. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
I found this performance from CMT Crossroads on YouTube, and it really rocks. Def Leppard can still rock with the best of them, and it's amazing that Taylor Swift is only 19. Check it out: YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
This song's lyrics are based on letters sent to a son in America by a father left behind in Kilkelly, Co. Mayo. Written in the 19th century. I think that this song is very touching. There are plenty of versions on Youtube, but the lyrics are all the same, so I linked the only version of the lyrics, which I could find. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
I've never seen the full Woodstock film, but I managed to find this TYA performance on YouTube. Rocking about 11 minutes, Alvin Lee displays a lot of his influences, including a sample of Elvis Presley's "Blue Suede Shoes" early into the song. I think "I'd Love To Change The World" really only scratches the surface of TYA's career. This is the performance that made them. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
This is one of my favorite Rush songs after "Tom Sawyer", which is saying something; I'd never really heard of them before. But there's something about this song that makes it a great rock song.
An ode to the working class and their lives, this is one of Rush's signature songs. Running just over seven minutes long, I'm not surprised it was never released as a single. But it remains as classic now as it did in 1974.
Doing for reggae what "Walk This Way" later did for hip hop, Clapton's cover of the Bob Marley song helped bring Marley's music (and reggae music in general) to national attention in the United States. It was also Clapton's first #1 hit. It's a groovy song from E.C.'s catalogue.
I heard this song while I was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III and it was included on the soundtrack. The Tarzan yell in the chorus drew to my attention to make it my favorite Baltimora song. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube

Preferred Date: July 2, 2009

Memorable for its use over the beginning credits of Pulp Fiction, this song is often credited with starting the surf rock craze. The song is short, but two minutes is plenty of time to get into the groove. YouTube Icon Music video on YouTube
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