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Ben Gibbard, lead singer for Death Cab For Cutie, is a mere 30 years old, but he must be an "old soul". I challenge anyone to find as poignant or as thoughtfully depressive song as Brothers on a Hotel Bed. Written from the perspective of a middle-aged man thinking backwards, the song impressionistically paints a picture of loneliness and loss in the midst of a dying relationship. Far from sad, this song takes you somewhere dark and still, but a place you'll like to stay: you may find yourself hitting 'repeat' as I do.
This song is the first single off Hayden Panettiere's yet untitled debut album. It's got a reggae feel to it, while still keeping the Cali-glam pop flavour that people would expect from such a blonde bombshell. I've had this song on repeat since it came out, and I know that I'm not the only one. She was smart to choose this song as her debut single, and I'm sure it'll do very well. music video
The title track from the Fabulous Thunderbirds' fifth album is their only Top 10 hit, hitting #10 on the singles chart. Anchored by the catchy guitar riff and Jimmie Vaughan's guitar playing, it's no surprise it was so popular. Never having heard of the Fab T-Birds before, I think this is a great way to introduce their music. audio
The third Rainbow cover of the Yardbirds track was also the last track on Rainbow's final album. While I like the Dio-era versions, Doogie White certainly made the song his own. I think this was a great high note for the band to end on. audio
Although the singing is typical "Man With the Sandpaper Voice" Bob Dylan, the melody is beautifully catchy, and the lyrics are wonderfully philosophical. Used as a anti-war protest song in the 60s, Blowin' in the Wind still applies to modern life and politics. audio
Detailing the benefits and drawbacks of drug smuggling, it's one of Glenn Frey's most popular solo hits. The opening guitar chord is easily identifiable, and the hook that runs throughout the song is probably one of Frey's best. It's becoming one of my favorite songs. audio
My third nomination is probably best known for being the theme song to Joel Schumacher's 1987 cult comedy-horror film The Lost Boys. A superb gothic rock song, dramatic and beautiful, that continues still to gain new fans over 20 years since it's release. With its haunting drum beat, its haunting lead vocals, its haunting ad-libs, its haunting lyrics, deeply evocative of the film's theme of inner turmoil and lost direction, no song is more appropriate to fill the position of The Lost Boys theme song than this. The organ in the middle of the song sends chills up and down my spine every time I hear it! audio
This should be song of the day 'cause...i listened to it all day lol it's the song of the summer for me. Full of realization and matureness, and summer is a sign of growing older, you know? It makes you think, "Hey, make a happy song, man." The title seems very deceiving, I know, I don't blame you...but if you love crazy, seductive violins, don't say I didn't recommend this...
This song does put a spell on you.... When I heard it, I couldn't stop thinking about it. It reminds me of summer evenings - I have no idea why.
Whenever I listen to these lyrics and everything it states I always think of one of my close friends. He may not realize that he has changed my life for the better in so many ways, but I know that no matter what may happen in the future, I'll always remember him and everything he's done and these song's powerful lyrics will always remind me of that.
In what may have been their first music video, Ben Gibbard's band-mates cut open his chest and take out his heart, which turns black and dies. Ben's powerful ability to tell first person songs is highlighted by the fact that you are almost tricked by his rationalizing and distracted by his passion. This song is not really about renaming the glove box 'cause we don't keep gloves there, it's about a girl who dumped him and broke his heart.
One of the most recognizable acid rock songs from the 1960s, the sixth track from the Doors' debut album shot straight to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song also sparked controversy on The Ed Sullivan show when Jim Morrison sang "we couldn't get much higher"; this incident lead to Sullivan banning The Doors from appearing on the show again. It remains a popular track on classic rock stations, and has aged well over the past forty years. audio
Romance of a Dead Kingdom is one of the most powerful songs I've ever heard. It's absolutely beautiful. The progression the song goes through lyrically is reflected perfectly by the music. The song roars, and features a quality that is unheard of for a local, label-less band. Every aspect of this song, impresses, amazes, and stuns.
First released on Couldn't Stand the Weather, SRV's cover of the Jimi Hendrix song is one of his most enduring cuts. While Hendrix's version was more wah-wah drenched psychedelia, SRV's version has more of a blues-rock feel. The song was a popular live staple, and Stevie Ray played it throughout his career. I think it deserves more recognition. audio
This comedy song is a popular staple on The Bob & Tom Show, and it's certainly one of the funniest. Written from a first-person point of view, it describes a man's unfortunate run-ins with getting hit in the groin while trying to win first prize on an America's Funniest Home Videos-style TV show. I can't stop laughing whenever I hear it; I don't think anyone else will, either. audio
This song was sung by David Cook when he was crowned as the 7th American Idol. It is a very well-written and meaningful song which describes one's feelings and emotions when something as big as winning American Idol happens to you.
A fan favorite in Rush's catalogue is also one of their most recognizable. Beginning with Neil Peart's drum beat and leading into Geddy Lee's synthesizer, followed by Alex Lifeson's guitar riff, it's an interesting song. Referencing the Mark Twain character, it's becoming one of my favorite Rush songs. I think it's a great example of the progressive rock genre. audio
While One Week was the big hit from the album that Light Up My Room comes from, This is the song that I can listen to over and over. The Barenaked Ladies weave a strange sci-fi-like story of environmental damage and bizarre beauty. There's a shopping cart in the ravine/The foam on the creek is like pop and ice cream/A field full of tires that is always on fire/To light my way home. Hmmm. Don't I know that neighborhood?
Being a classic rock fan, I've only heard of Quiet Riot in passing. This cover of the Slade tune is a hard rock staple, and it was the first heavy metal song to break into the Top 5 on the Pop Singles chart, and its success helped push Metal Health, the album on which it appeared, into the #1 spot on the Pop Album chart. While it could probably do without the screaming lyrics, it's still a great song. audio
Of course I nominated this song because Guns N' Roses is my favourite band. And by the way, no other song (besides "Messages" by Velvet Revolver) builds such emotions like "Civil War" in my heart and soul. Axl's great voice, Slash's gorgeous guitar playing, and really amazing text of the song - what more would anyone want?
Spektor's voice and meaningful lyrics captures your soul, and makes you relate it to your own life. This is not just a song, it's a memoir of life, a dedication to lost friends and the fights that we face.
This song has been covered by many artists but I prefer the distinctive voice of Rod Stewart, which for me adds to the emotion of the lyrics which talk of a married man falling deeply in love with another
Sigur Rós songs are not about the lyrics. Sigur Rós songs are about the feeling you get listening to something bigger than yourself. Starálfur is simply a thing to behold. From the first movement of strings, piano, and horns. Through the silence broken by drums (played backwards) and all the way through the quiet, spacey interlude before the album moves on. On a side note: the film The Life Aquatic features this song as the movie's climax. audio
Even though there is an obvious reference to sex, it's still a great song to sing along to. I even did the song on real guitar (WHOA), so it's one of my favorites.
Not only are the Irons one of the best bands of the last 25 years, but they're also the most underrated. Whenever one of my mates says "I haven't heard any of their music," I play them this. From the opening riff to the last this is a tour de force of British heavy metal like nothing beforehand. Not only this, but it is also about an actual event, the Battle of the Balaclava during the Crimean War, which puts people's ideas of metal out the window. And then there is the cover art for the single; breathtaking, Eddie in his finest hour. And know as if this song couldn't get any better, when they play it with their three guitarists, it sounds like it's from another planet. Add Bruce's spine-tingling vocals and Steve Harris' thunderous bass, it sounds like it's from another universe.
Never having heard of Velvet Revolver before, I really like this song. I found Libertad at my local library one day, and thought I'd give it a try. It's a bit more heavy metal than Guns N' Roses, but Slash's guitar riff sticks in your mind. I think any Gn'R fan will enjoy it. audio
Ugly Casanova was a side project of Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock, and on the one album released, there is this gem. The verse sections are sung through an intercom system, then recorded, which makes the song coarse and ragged. So ragged, in fact, that some of the lyrics are downright indecipherable as the tinny speaker flares out of hearing range. A modern day Louie Louie. This song is the epitome of Ugly's Sharpen Your Teeth album, somewhere between traditional folk rock and pop, though much darker and murkier than normal Modest Mouse fare.
Metal with a meaning. It's fast at parts, with drum beats so insane that a lot of you may be turned off. This music was written by one person, David Gold. He writes the drums, lyrics, and guitar for this band... a Canadian band. I am Canadian myself so it does give me a bit of an edge on some of their themes. Don't get me wrong this metal may be extreme for some but it is an amazing song from an amazing band in my honest opinion.
This is most likely one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. Not only is it catchy as all hell, but the lyrics are meaningful without being about love or politics, simply supporting keeping an attitude optimism and happiness even when things look rough. Not only that, but this song is a symbol of the true leap in maturity Big D took from their last album, not only musically, but internally.
This is my favorite U2 song and has a catchy, upbeat dance feel to it that I simply can't get enough of every time I listen to it. It's quite different from the rest of their material but yet it still has that U2 feel to it as well.
Good song, simple lyrics, not too long.
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