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January 31, 2015: River Of Love by Don Moen

It lifts my spirit,it draws me close to God,it opens my eyes of the spirit ,it mekes me feel the prescence of God

January 30, 2015: Traveller by Amon Düül II

The lyrics are brilliant voices and music and it reminds me of the early seventies a time of this superb band.

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January 29, 2015: Sic Transit Gloria... Glory Fades by Brand New

There's some songs you think you understand, but then you realize you didn't really get it until you'd lived it.

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January 28, 2015: Generic Up-Tempo Folk Song by The Limeliters

It's a fun and playful send-up to the standard repertoire of most folk musicians...tongue in cheek, yet true

January 27, 2015: Soon And Very Soon by Andraé Crouch

Out of memory for Andrae Crouch the writer of this song who died a couple of days ago 1-8-15.

January 26, 2015: Love Breeds Suicide by Suicide Commando

Love isn't always a good thing in which the naive think it is, as it can lead to horrible consequences, and the emotionally-charged pain throughout this song illustrates it well. That's why it's best to be single because of what's been said.

January 25, 2015: Funkytown by Lipps, Inc.

The song is one of the last great hits of the disco craze of the 70's and should be revived.

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January 24, 2015: I Don't Always Dream About Rappers... I Promise by Astronautalis

Absolutely amazing structure poem. may not have the greatest message but songs like this are more beneficial and substantial that whats mainstream

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January 23, 2015: Paul Robeson (Born to be Free) by Black 47

I believe in equality. My parents were fans of Paul Robeson, saw him as Othello on the London stage around 1930 and he has always been a part of my life, because as an infant I was sung to sleep with his songs by my father, and then in 1949 I had the pleasure and honour, as a 15 year old, to speak with him and shake hands at the end of a concert at London's Harringay Arena

Preferred Date: January 23, 2015 (39th anniversary of Paul's death)

January 22, 2015: Bahamut by Hazmat Modine

I nominated this song because it is clever, farcical, musically sound, and catchy. And I love the blue green tortuga.

January 21, 2015: Mystic Highway by John Fogerty

It shows the evolution of Fogerty's writing and musicianship.Cliche though it may be,like fine wine Fogerty keeps getting better with age. RIGHT ON John,keep making vital,enjoyable music.

January 20, 2015: I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash

It's New Years Day & this song popped into my head… so fitting for today & looking forward to the New Year full of bright sunny days!

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January 19, 2015: Lavatory Love Machine by Edguy

Seems you need to enter at least 50 characters to nominate a song on here. All I can really say is listen to the song then maybe a few others from this band just to get feeling right.  :)

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January 18, 2015: Caislean Oir by Clannad

I nominated this song, because I fell in love with it, the very first time I've heard it at a Dutch radio station. Thank you, Anne van Egmond, who choose this as the tune of her sunday-morning programme.

January 17, 2015: Union (Slopes of St. Benedict) by Sabaton

Today marks the 71st anniversary of the beginning of the battle of Montecassino, Italy I which the Allied forces broke the nazi line of defense on their way to conquer Rome.

Preferred Date: January 17, 2015 (71st anniversary of the Battle of Montecassino)

January 16, 2015: In Earnest by The Tangent

It's just so different from ANYTHING else out there. It tells a story and listening to this track is like watching a movie. And a good movie

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January 15, 2015: Let The Good Guys Win by Murray McLauchlan

I nominate this song as I feel it is an anthem for the new year, full of hope. And the repeating chorus makes it a great sing-a-long for heralding in the new year.

All the best for 2015.
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January 14, 2015: Timothy's Burden by The Martins

This song speaks my heart and my commitment to the truth of Jesus Christ.

January 13, 2015: Continue by The Megas

I nominated this song because, even if you know nothing about its origins, you can still hear its message: "Never give up, even when you know all is lost".

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January 12, 2015: That's How You Know by Amy Adams

This fun song from the hit Disney film "Enchanted" is a lot of fun and a great expression of love.

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January 11, 2015: Don't Forget Me by Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker released this song this 40 years ago. He was a very fine rocker.

January 10, 2015: When We Were Younger by Magnum

This song such an awesome song,reminds me of myself. would love to see and hear more of this band!......rock and roll at its best!............>T*N*T

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Preferred Date: January 10, 2015

January 09, 2015: Bulletproof by Aviators

This emotionally heavy symphonic rock anthem channels the thoughts of every single person that ever had to deal with unjust actions and violations of their basic human rights by corrupt governments.
Incredibly moving.

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January 08, 2015: De Paisano A Paisano by Los Tigres Del Norte

Strong meaning and its about a strong topic that many politicians are reluctant to talk about or do anything about it.

January 07, 2015: Liggeey by Youssou N'Dour

I nominate this song because there is much passion in the words and the has a particular energy that inspires.

January 06, 2015: Love Will Tear Us Apart by Susanna And The Magical Orchestra

probably the saddest version of the Joy Division classic. Slowed down, stripped down and slightly jazzy, the song really lays weight on the silent desolation of the song, fitting the lyrics perfectly.

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January 05, 2015: Dry The Rain by The Beta Band

Great lyrics, and an excellent monotone jam. Have always wished this song was 10 minutes long. WONDERFUL live!!

January 04, 2015: Fire by Arthur Brown

A forerunner of the face painting "Shock Rockers" like Alice Cooper and Kiss, Arthur Brown released this hit single in 1968. Unlike its contemporaries of the Psychedelic '60s, the song contains no lead or bass guitars, instead showcasing Vincent Crane's Hammond organ. The song is short, but oh so memorable.

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January 03, 2015: Legacy by Eminem

I nominated this song because i can relate to what it means and it gives me strength since me being "differently wired is awesome"

January 02, 2015: Heart On My Sleeve by Gallagher & Lyle

Reminds me of the long hot summer of 1976 and hearing it being played on radio clyde

January 01, 2015: Donald McGillavry by Silly Wizard

it's haunting --the melody and the Silly Wizard rendition--dazzling performance. It obviously tells of an historical event-the Jacobin revolution? but the Scottish dialect needs researching. Mesmerizing song.

Preferred Date: January 1, 2015 (new year's day)