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This song is just a rare thinking. And the world's greatest band made this song more special.
Most people after breaking up feel that it was just a bad fight. So often one wants to set things as the way they were. This song is for that moment.
In a time like ours, song topics are becoming stagnant. All people sing about is love, sex, breaking up, and things about women in general. That, and war/fighting. But, in the darkness of all these songs comes Caramelldansen, a song about, not women, not war, not even politics, but DANCING! A hi-paced beat to dance to AND with it's music videos on YouTube, it's created it's own dance!
Truly one of the greatest symphonic pieces of the last century, it truly calls forth all the emotions of one at the burning of Nibelheim. All that comes to mind as one listens to this song is the madness of one silver-haired SOLDIER as he extinguishes hope while he lights the town aflame. I defy anyone to find a better video image than Sephiroth standing in a ring of flame as the lines Veni, veni, venias, Ne me mori facias Veni, veni, venias, Ne me mori facias play in the background.
One of all time favourite Christmas songs - sounds absolutely beautiful, and there's so much meaning in the lyrics. Frequently voted as the best Christmas song of all time, this somehow never made it to the Number 1 spot when it was released.
I love this song, simply because it is very empowering, and its lyrical genius. This song makes you feel brilliant!
The Ordinary Boys covered this song brilliantly on Radio 1's Live Lounge. I've listened the song repeatedly recently and, to me, the lyrics are spot on, regardless of who sings them. Video
This is a great song, whether you're a Bon Jovi fan or not.
Now, this is certainly one of the best songs of all time. As it's 9th best song on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, it's pretty hard to argue.
This is one of the best grunge songs ever. Eddie Vedder is awesome!
This isn't as good as "I Wanna Rock", but it's still awesome.
This, the best song ever, hasn't been SOTD yet? Geesh. This is awesome!
This is a great Ozzy Osbourne song. It's tough to decide if this is better than "Crazy Train" or not.
Awesome and underrated ZZ Top song. I mean, "Sharp Dressed Man" and "La Grange" are good, but this song is under appreciated.
This is a great cover version of the song "Run" by Snow Patrol the lyrics are exactly the same with just a little being cut out.She really gives her all in this one.
This was the first song of my now favourite band that I heard and the wordplays and the speed of singing still impress me now for five years every time I hear it. It's the perfect mixture of hiphop-speed, pop-rhythm and electro-sounds!
This is a song off Lifehouse's self-titled album. It became a hit for them and it is one of my favourite songs by this band. I have never heard a song by Lifehouse I didn't like. Besides, the lyrics to this song are absolutely amazing.
This was the first big song I heard of Audioslave and I knew that Soundgarden + Rage Against The Machine was gonna work out fine. It's pretty obviously an anti-Christianity song, but the lyrics are so amorphous that I can easily turn it around and make it a song supplicating God! ;-P
The first single from AC/DC's new album Black Ice was an immediate smash, shooting to #1 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. I've never personally been an AC/DC fan before, but I really like this new song. audio
Revealing the location of the Chicken Ranch in La Grange, Texas (a brothel that inspired the Broadway play and film The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas), this hit by ZZ Top fell just shy of the Top 40. With its distinctive riff, I'm surprised it wasn't more successful. But it's still a great song. audio
While not as commercially successful as "Slow Ride," only reaching #83 on the chart, this still remains a fan favorite in Foghat's catalogue. With the running bass-line and the jamming guitar solos, it's certainly one of my favorites. audio
Featuring one of the heaviest riffs in British hard rock, this was Foghat's first major hit. Peaking at #20 on the chart, this remains a popular staple in Foghat's live shows. The song (as originally appeared on Fool for the City) may run eight minutes long, but the music certainly makes up for it. audio
This song is awesome, why has nobody nominated it yet? It has extremely good ratings from critics. It has good guitar and drums. It also has pretty good vocals and bass.
The guitar is really good, and I like his laugh!
A popular classic on Top 40 stations, this was one of Sweet's biggest hits. With the bouncy guitar riff and memorable chorus, it's no surprise the song remains so
A popular staple on classic rock stations, this is one of my favorite Trower tracks. It may run seven and a half minutes, but the music certainly makes it worth the listen.
Later covered by Delaney & Bonnie and Friends, the opening track of Dave Mason's debut album is becoming one of my favorite classic rock tunes. While Mason is known for his stint in Traffic, his solo efforts deserve attention, too. audio
A great little ballad from Journey, well known and loved. Journey is an awesome band, then and now, and this is the song that proves it.
Iron Maiden came out with the nasty little number back in '82. The guitar is excellent and Bruce's vocal work here is nothing short of kick-ass.
It's a classic Foo song and the bridge is amazing.
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