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most people need to leave their zone of comfort (english-language lyrics). so let us listen to this tradition faroese song done here by our favorite faroese progressive metal band Týr.
Never heard of her, until checking the nomination list and went to find a video. Very dreamy song. And a video clip with a message.
A great song by Green Day. Probably the best they have made.
This has to be my favorite Beatles song. I love the lyrics, and the melody is great.
It's an absolutely epic song, at almost 23 minutes, and is probably the pinnacle of the Gabriel era of Genesis, which isn't given nearly as much appreciation as it deserves. Includes sections with titles such as Apocalypse in 9/8s, Willow Farm, How Dare I Be So Beautiful among others.
What else can be wished for, with Christmas and throughout the year?
They wrote this song because their grandmother died on Christmas Eve a couple of years ago, and so the song means that you don't have to celebrate Christmas if you are experiencing a death or something terrible during Christmas. It's an awesome Christmas song!
This song off of Pink Floyd's A Momentary Lapse Of Reason album has beautifully poetic lyrics, a wonderfully mystic video, and is on my personal Top Ten Songs list. The soundtrack for any "flying dream."
It's just a great song.
One of my favourite songs by McLachlan. Her piano is beautiful, and the lyrics amazing. Highly recommand.
This song is probably the best song I have ever heard in my life, I don't know anyone who cannot relate to it.
This song has absolutely briliant lyrics, and such a strong message along with it. 'I will not live and die without a sound'. I thought it would be a good song of the day, especially since so many people just seem to flow with the tide.
This song has good lyrics, a nice, slow, relaxing tune and good vocals. A great and vastly underrated song, check it out.
This song is really tight. It talks about getting yourself away form a corrupt world, which is happeneing right now.
Not only is the music very pretty but this song sends out a real important message about teenagers and love. It talks about how when you're young, you want to love someone badly but in the end, you can end up screwing up your life.
Great song, one of the Foo's best. If you get the chance have a look at the music video, you won't be disapointed!
Thought by many to be the greatest song of all time, and though this may be overestimating it, Stairway to Heaven still has an awesome riff and a killer guitar solo.
Great beats, great disc jockeying, and a great voice. This remake of Steve Winwood's Valerie is an astonishing revolution in the world of club dancing and in the field of music videos and it always gave positive attitude and motivated me greatly.
A haunting, evocative, celebratory song. Some of the better lyrics written in the last decade, and set to just absolutely beautiful music.
Hilarious parody of SexyBack. Well written, well performed, and has a great music video that was a featured video on YouTube.
The greatest thrash metal song ever, with breathe taking guitar work from Kirk Hammett. My personal favorite song.
A song with two of the greaest bands ever.
The combination of two superb voices with grinding guitars and bursting drums on the background make this a song worth to be heard!
The perfect picture of being a teen and growing up in a small midwestern town. This was "John Cougar's" first big hit, it has great lyrics, and it has a shout-out to Tastee Freeze, too! Besides, who doesn't love a little ditty about Jack and Diane?
I really like the lyrics of this song
Yet another Keane song from Hopes and Fears, Bedshaped is yet another of Tim Rice-Oxley's wonderful songs. This was also a single. If you give this a listen on Napster you really get it stuck in your head. Being a Coldplay fan and hearing this Keane song for the first time, it was a great intro.
One case where the cover version of the song is far better than the original. This song has some of the best guitar playing I'v eever heard.
My favourite song of their Decemberunderground album. I cannot describe it, you have to listen yourself to understand.
It's about how it's unfair how some kids get to live while others get killed by other people on purpose and how they wish that they could bring back all of the lost children.
I became addicted to this song when I (thought) I had fallen in love with this guy, it's a great song for those who are in love and need an energetic and bubbly song to match their mood.
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