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A incredibly beautiful song by one of the best bands ever. Tuomas Holopainen (keyboard/bandleader) has written some great and thought-provoking lyrics for this song.
It's one of those song when you find the lyrics for it ... you just can't stop singing it! It's so ADDICTING!.
Inspirational reverse-psychology at its best.
If only it were true...
Just excellent lyrics: funny, sad and so painfully true...
A tribute to your seventh grade self.
This was the song that got me hooked on learning Japanese several years ago. The nice, gentle music matches perfectly with the lyrics. It is a wonderful song and will always have a place in my heart.
Because we all love the RIAA.
Everything, The entire song. Its lyrics capture you, its sense of chaos absorbs you, its beautiful chorus catches you off-guard, as the rest of the song continues to display the power that Matthew Bellamy has when he wields that guitar.
This song is such a legend and it relates to everybody.
I had just gotten back from seeing Butch Walker live, and, after being completely starstruck, got rather drunk with an amazing girl. We put on some Butch Walker, and I remember laying next to her singing this song. And, of course, the lyrics rock as well.
A real rocker! Full of pagan mysticism and sexual energy...
Utterly brilliant! This will have you in tears...
A highly original song about the suicide of singer Chris Volz's mother when he was still a child. Skilled instrumental line-up, lyrics that are palpably straight from Volz's heart, and you can sense the raw emotion in his voice. Check out the video on YouTube.
Since yesterday I am back from holiday in Portugal, which is a very sunny land. The sun is also the topic of the song "Sonne", a great song of Rammstein.
Good question.
This song can get most people pumped up for just about anything.
THE LOVE SONG to dedicate to own woman.
A great song with some of the most thoughtful lyrics I have ever heard.
Overall this song is extremely catchy (if you've ever heard it) and the song has great lyrics and exhibits great creativity.
The first time I heard this song it just made me shiver.
This song is so pimp!
i'm aware that many, recognizing the main riff, know this song as just a hit from the 90's, but it is one of the most influencial songs in my life. it reaches out to people, with its lyrics full of contradictions about accepting people for who they are.
A beautiful song written and dedicated to Darius' father who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Amazingly his father fought his cancer into remission, echoing the song's lyrics.
A really moving song, concerning growing up and the loss of childhood friends which I'm sure everyone can relate to, as well as having deep lyrics.
An amazing catchy riff starts this song out and you are instantly hooked. The lyrics are about 2 guys trapped in a town full of 96 unfriendly people and can't escape. This song is great as it is a break from cliche relationship problmes. Its awesome!
Happy anniversary my love ;-*
Tonight we're steppin' out! LyricWiki is visiting the Wikimania 2006 conference in Boston today through Sunday.
'I know I was born and I know that I'll die. The in-between is mine.'
I like the way that the words are romantic, but you have to hear it a few times to really feel their full impact.
Every time this song is on, I start smiling.
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