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Proposal to Change Policy for Root Pages

According to current site policy, we may only create pages for "artists" (currently, on LW this is only performers) and songs that have actually been recorded by an artist who has performed a given piece. We cannot create artist or song pages for composers, lyricists, etc. that are mostly in the public domain. This is greatly limiting to the site, as it only fits to one portion of "modern popular music", let alone older genres. It does not take into account the specifics of many genres and musical periods:

"Artists" in different genres

  • Classical: usually being assigned to a composer
  • Hymns: usually being assigned to a lyricist
  • Musicals: usually being assigned to an author
  • Traditional: usually not being assigned to any person at all

Missing "Root Pages"

Recording artists might use different versions or modify the lyrics/music/arrangement to their liking, Obviously, many contributors don't see a consistent system, so they don't know how to set up pages of original musical works. The current system is confusing (is there one?). We need to agree on a code of conduct for this, and agree on a consistent system of referring to "root versions" of musical works.

Currently, songs that have prefixes at Traditional and National Anthem are listed as being homeless song pages. (If the prefix Christian Hymn were used, it would have the same issue). We'll have to find a way to fix this.

Step by Step

We think it should be a step-by step process

  1. Officially acknowledge the need for those pages for a lyrics wiki
  2. Officially allow Composers and lyricists as artists (since it's being done already)
  3. Modify song template behaviour so that it fits to those pages, too (i.e. not saying "is performed by")
  4. Agree on codes of conduct for
    • Classical works (one musical work, one root page, listing original and deriving works, i.e. recordings)
    • Musicals The same as for classical, basically: one musical, one root page. A system is needed, how to set up root pages for musicals, and list deriving works respectively (such as different stage casts, soundtracks of film adaptions, and the like)
    • (Christian) Hymns: Listing them by lyricist, if all possible, otherwise list them as traditionals. Listing them by composer makes no sense since there are often used different tunes for the same lyrics and vice versa.
  5. Agree on an internal definition of "traditional": our proposal
  6. Update documentation respectively (we would help)
  7. Develop some user guideline system (we would volunteer)
    • for instance, links to specific guideline page could be placed on respective list pages, category pages, and the like
  8. Adapt minor templates (like adapting credit boxes, and such) (Lichtweber would volunteer)

We set up some examples, illustrating how proposed solutions might work:

What You Can Do

If you want to support this proposal, join the discussion and/or consider displaying {{Userboxes/Root Pages}} on your user page.

The TODO list

  • {{SongHeader}} putting changes here instead of {{Song}} so we can try things out as we go along
    • done limit featured artists to 3
    • parameter to mark as composition (currently only removes the word "performed")
  • {{CreditBox}}
    • done add "featured artists" option
    • done add options for classical, national anthem, and hym: done
  • {{album}}
    • done add parameter /work and /wtype "opera", "operetta", "musical play"
  • create {{RecordingCredits}} which lists
    • Recording artist
    • Recording year
    • Release name (if different from original work)
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