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This user group is dedicated to bettering Pink Floyd and related pages on LyricWiki.

Purpose: Wot's... Uh The Deal?

Pink Floyd, being one of the more popular bands in all of music, deserves the best and most consistent pages on LyricWiki. As such, the main focus of this group is to bring Pink Floyd up to Gold status, which also means that each of their release and song pages are gold (pretty much perfect). Eventually, this purpose should also extend to Pink Floyd's members' pages and related artists' pages.


Quick Edits

  • Those wikipedians are a pretty Floyd-happy bunch, and it seems that pretty much every Floyd song has its own article. Add {{WP-Song}} to all song pages. Careful though! Song badges (including WP-Song) don't work well with the {{Instrumental}} template, so it's best not to place them inside the lyric box for instrumentals. (The simplest way to avoid this is by placing {{Clear}} right after the badge.)
  • Fill in all parameters in the {{SongFooter}}. This includes fLetter, artist, album, song, language (the obvious ones), audio (GoEar), video (YouTube), musicbrainz, wikipedia, lrcDb, akuma, asin (Amazon), iTunes, and allmusic.
    • For YouTube links, Pink Floyd didn't make many music videos (see Wikipedia's list), but most of their songs are up on YouTube. The point of the YouTube link is more to provide the audio, so unofficial ones are OK (official music videos are preferred if they exist).
  • Provide links to all albums that a song appears on (Special:WhatLinksHere should provide you with all of them), utilize {{Song}} for up to three, and {{AddAlb}} for more than three.
    • Special:WhatLinksHere also should give links to cover versions, these should be linked also on the song page. For style, {{Cover2}} looks nice if one exists, but {{Covered}} should take care of more than one.
  • Create disambiguation pages for similarly named pages. I believe I've gotten all the Pink Floyd ones, but Roger Waters has a lot. Also, please place {{WrongPage}} on the linked pages.

A Little Harder

  • Are there any other releases that have been missed?
  • Get songs up to Gold status. This includes: certifying songs lyrics (listen to the song while reading along with the lyrics and making sure they sound right), add credits for the song (Wikipedia's usually a good source for this), and fill in the SongFooter as completely as possible.
    • Instrumental pages are usually pretty quick to get to gold. Certifying the lyrics only takes a listen to make sure there are no lyrics. For a list of Pink Floyd Instrumentals, see this link
    • Bonus Points: add links to covers and all albums the song has appeared on, use official lyrics (from the album itself (usually just punctuation needs to be checked, but all should be checked and noted if different)).
  • Once all songs for an album are Gold, get the album up to Gold too. All parameters in {{Album}} and {{AlbumFooter}} should be filled in, the track listing should be complete (bonus tracks and alternate versions of the album should have their own section).
    • More Bonus Points: Add credits (verbatim from the album itself is even better); trivia, additional information, etc. can be added to even more spruce up the page; add related links if they exist (for example: The Wall film and studio album should have links to each other)


  • Create discussion for special case pages. "Could Pink Floyd:Atom Heart Mother use a better style mockup, due to the odd nature of the composition? Should an extra page be created for it with the "lyrical interpretations" of the singing?" "Should we create a History page for the band?" etc.
    • Use your imagination. How much information could LW have that it doesn't? What's the best solution for possible unresolved lyrics issues?
  • Create user group pages. Make a trivia page for other users (I'm thinking in the vein of this wikipedia user group's quiz page maybe), add a page for your collection so we know if you can help us in some particular area, again use your imagination.
  • Invite more users to the herd. (This is a pyramid scheme folks!)
  • Add more to this worklist. Two minds are better than one, so if we pool all of our ideas together and enact them, we could have a pretty sick Floyd section on this site.
  • Finish reading this incredibly long worklist. (Oh, it looks like you have...)

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