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Some other projects have asked us specifically what we can allow and not allow with regards to the lyrics on LyricWiki given the state of our licensing. This page strives to clear that up. This page may change since we are constantly working to make our licenses even better. Please sign in and click the "follow" button on this page to be informed of changes.


Link to us! We have permission to display lyrics on and even if our licensing provider (LyricFind) does not currently have a deal with the artist whose lyrics we display, the royalties for those page views will be put in escrow until a deal can be made.

If you link to our song pages, licensing fees will be paid on those pages and this is a completely licensed and legal interaction for you (the linking site) for Wikia and for the end-user.

Explicit permisison

Some projects have asked for explicit permissions just to be on the safe side. So here we go...

  • We give permission to the MusicBrainz project and/or its users and/or its parent organization the MetaBrainz Foundation to link to LyricWiki.
  • We give permission to the SongDNA project and/or its users and/or its applications and/or its website to link to lyrics on LyricWiki.
  • The Tuneacious iOS app by Andrew Koppenhaver which loads the full LyricWiki content inside of UIWebView (therefore meeting the requirements of displaying the entire page as a web-browser which meets the requirements of the limits of our licensing - and by running our ads and tracking pixels so that we can pay royalties) has explicit permission to do this.
  • We give permission to Henning Tegner of AppLoom Ltd to show partial lyrics from our query API together with a link to the full lyrics for use in the app Skins.

Not just permission really, but welcoming open arms!

Not Allowed

Currently, we are only allowed to display the lyrics to songs on the domain and cannot re-license full lyrics to other projects. This is why the SOAP API is no longer in its old form which could return full lyrics. The API's primary function currently is to assist in matching the various formats of artist names and song titles to the exact LyricWiki page for the lyrics.

"Screen-scraping" the HTML of the song pages to just display the lyrics is not a licensed use of the site. If you are screen-scraping we highly recommend that you seek out a source of licensing on your own (sorry, we are not approved to sell this) to avoid legal problems.

Your alternatives which still use LyricWiki are to either just link to the page (the link is provided via the API) or to display the entire page with JavaScript enabled, as described in the 3rd Party Apps section of this page.

3rd Party Apps

If you would like to show our lyrics to your end-users, the only valid way currently is to display the whole LyricWiki page inside of an HTML pane or browser window (including the ads) with JavaScript enabled. This will allow the ads to be loaded (a significant portion of the revenue from the ads will be paid in licensing fees, some of which will make it back to the artists who make the songs) and it will let the tracking code run (which tells us which artists should be paid how much).

These rules also apply to iPod, iPad, Facebook, and other apps. If you show the page in a browser pane (in any skin and/or theme) with JavaScript enabled, then this usage is permitted.

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