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This is the policy page for the Page Ranking system. See also Help: Page Ranking.

LyricWiki has developed a new system of page ranks to establish which pages need help, and what kind of help they need. There are different requirements for songs, albums and artists. But all pages receive a star and detail their progress on their "talk" page.


For reference purposes, a page without any rating is considered black (StarIconBlack).



Green pages are new, fresh out of the oven, hot off the presses. Typically a bot has made it and it's in serious need of human attention. Ideally, someone will adopt the page by following it.



Some pages have special needs. Usually, these revolve around non-English language and the unique challenges they present to webpages. Violet pages are tagged with a {{Code Purple}} and a general topic of the problem. Specifying a sub-type to the problem greatly helps the people with the right kind of expertise find the page.



In the Olympics, bronze means you're on the podium, at least receiving a medal. On LyricWiki it means someone has checked the page and verified that it deserves to remain. These pages are still in need of attention.



Silver pages have all the important information filled out and as such are almost complete. This includes information such as the album for song pages and a wikipedia link for artist pages. They also have someone watching them, protecting them from vandals (see below).



Gold pages are perfect! Well, there may be the odd change with time and outside information may change, but all the boxes are filled and all their parts have been checked out by means of certifying (see below). These pages are good to go!

Watching and Certifying


Click the "follow" link to add a page to your watchlist.

Watching means adding the page to your Special:Watchlist. Click on the "follow" link in the bottom left of a page or the "Watch this page" checkbox while editing to watch a page. Then, in your Special:Preferences you can elect to be notified via email when these pages change. (There is also the new feature, Special:WatchlistFeed, so you can watch via RSS.) This is strongly encouraged so you can check in on your pages and protect them from spammers. Check your watchlist often and click "diff" to see what changes someone made to one of your pages. Report vandals and help newcomers to meet our editing standards. Watching means a page is no longer adrift and is progressing forward.


Certifying applies only to song pages. Certifying a song involves listening to the recorded version of the song whilst reading the lyrics to check that the lyrics are "as sung". Once this has been confirmed, use the {{Cert}} template to add the certificate to the talk page.

Songs, Albums and Artists

While the overall process is similar, there are differences amongst the kinds of pages we have here on LyricWiki.

  • Songs need all the applicable parameters of both {{SongHeader}} and {{SongFooter}} filled in and a Wikipedia link placed on the page if an article exists on the song.
  • Albums need cover art, genre, length, ASIN and iTunes links, and also a Wikipedia link if an article exists for the album.
  • Artist pages need to be completed as fully as possible, with major releases in chronological order and cover art, links to any relevant LyricWiki pages, the address of the artist's official site, and a Wikipedia link if an article exists on the artist. The artist info in the footer at the bottom of the artist's page also needs to be completed as fully as possible. Needless to say, "Other Songs" lists should also be dealt with.

How To Rank Pages

The Stunningly Stellar Star-o-Meter Refresh

Unranked Violet Green Bronze Silver Gold
Artists 0 pages 7 pages 77,221 pages 7,188 pages 11 pages 13 pages
Albums 22 pages 153,108 pages 23,874 pages 120 pages 374 pages
Songs 3,462 pages 1,537,710 pages 209,157 pages 2,107 pages 10,328 pages
Films 0 pages 13 pages 15 pages 0 pages 0 pages

Internal mechanisms


Page\Rank Green Violet Bronze Silver Gold
Song Category:Green Songs Category:Violet Songs Category:Bronze Songs Category:Silver Songs Category:Gold Songs
Album Category:Green Albums Category:Violet Albums Category:Bronze Albums Category:Silver Albums Category:Gold Albums
Film Category:Green Films Category:Violet Films Category:Bronze Films Category:Silver Films Category:Gold Films
Artist Category:Green Artists Category:Violet Artists Category:Bronze Artists Category:Silver Artists Category:Gold Artists


see also Category:Templates/Page Ranking
Location Article page Talk page
Kind of page Open collapsible section Show rank and "to do" list List watchers Specify problem kind Verified Close collapsible section Table of Contents
Song part of {{SongHeader}} {{Star Box}} {{Song Info}} {{Watcher}} {{Code Purple}} {{Cert}} |} __TOC__
Album part of {{AlbumHeader}} {{Album Info}} N/A
Film part of {{FilmHeader}} {{Film Info}}
Artist part of {{ArtistHeader}} {{Artist Info}}
  • The template {{Star Box}} "wraps" around the other templates. It puts them in a collapsible section, so they can be hidden. At the top of these talk pages, {{skiptoTOC}} template is automatically supplied. If users click on this, they can skip down to the real conversations. Just be sure to start with Star Box and end with a |} (to close the box).
  • Rank refresh
    When a page's rank is changed, the talk page might still show the previous rank. To force an update, you can use the refresh icon next to the rank (see the screenshot).
  • For songs with names in non-latin based scripts there is an additional Info template {{Extra Info/Ja}}.


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