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Everyone here is an advocate for this website. Everyone is doing all they can to make this site the best it can be. So what makes this group different? We are committed to making LyricWiki the best lyric site on the internet. This means we are concerned with the reputation of LyricWiki. Some might construe this as politics over work, but we feel it is important to the continued vitality of the site.


To be the best lyrics site ever, it helps to have all of the music and have it as soon as possible after it is released!


An important component of our reputation around the world is our PageRank. Google is not the only search engine in the world, but if you're doing well there, you're doing well everywhere. The core principle is that if lots of other people link to you, you're the most useful in regards to that topic. So, we need to get other sites to link to us. Any connections we have to other websites, blogs or news which might link to us are to be utilized.


  • The Lyrics Answers site is a great opportunity to make inbound interwiki-links to help people find lyrics. There are always lots of unanswered questions there.


With the rise of Semantic-based search and the general prominence which Google give to Wikipedia, it is important for us to be well positioned on Wikipedia. Our article (LyricWiki) should be as robust as possible and as many pages as appropriate should link to us as possible. We are listed on the interwiki map as lyricwiki:, making links very easy to do.

API and Plugins

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