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This is a list of the song titles that are featured in the SingStar game module SingStar '90s.

PAL Disc

  1. Never Ever by All Saints
  2. Barbie Girl by Aqua
  3. Love Shack by The B-52's
  4. One Week by the Barenaked Ladies
  5. Billy Ray Cyrus:Achy Breaky Heart
  6. The Cardigans:Lovefool
  7. The Cranberries:Zombie
  8. Crash Test Dummies:Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
  9. The Cure:Friday I'm In Love
  10. Divinyls:I Touch Myself
  11. EMF:Unbelievable
  12. Gin Blossoms:Hey Jealousy
  13. Lisa Loeb:Stay (I Missed You)
  14. MC Hammer:U Can't Touch This
  15. Meredith Brooks:Bitch
  16. M People:Moving On Up
  17. Natalie Imbruglia:Torn
  18. New Kids On The Block:Step By Step
  19. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds:Where The Wild Roses Grow
  20. Poison:Unskinny Bop
  21. Radiohead:Creep
  22. R.E.M.:Everybody Hurts
  23. Roachford:Only To Be With You
  24. Savage Garden:I Want You
  25. Seal:Kiss From A Rose
  26. Sir Mix-A-Lot:Baby Got Back
  27. Spice Girls:Wannabe
  28. Spin Doctors:Two Princes
  29. Vanessa Amorosi:Absolutely Everybody
  30. Technotronic:Pump Up The Jam
  31. Wet Wet Wet:Love Is All Around

North America Disc

  1. Arrested Development:Tennessee
  2. Boyz II Men:Motownphilly
  3. Chumbawamba:Tubthumping
  4. Color Me Badd:I Wanna Sex You Up
  5. Divinyls:I Touch Myself
  6. En Vogue:Free Your Mind
  7. Extreme:More Than Words
  8. Gin Blossoms:Hey Jealousy
  9. Hootie & The Blowfish:Only Wanna Be With You
  10. Jesus Jones:Right Here, Right Now
  11. Len:Steal My Sunshine
  12. MC Hammer:U Can't Touch This
  13. Natalie Imbruglia:Torn
  14. New Kids On The Block:Step By Step
  15. Nirvana:Lithium
  16. Paula Abdul:Opposites Attract
  17. Poison:Unskinny Bop
  18. R.E.M.:Everybody Hurts
  19. Santana:Smooth
  20. Savage Garden:I Want You
  21. Seal:Kiss From A Rose
  22. Sir Mix-A-Lot:Baby Got Back
  23. Sixpence None The Richer:Kiss Me
  24. Soundgarden:Black Hole Sun
  25. Spin Doctors:Two Princes
  26. Stone Temple Pilots:Plush
  27. Technotronic:Pump Up The Jam
  28. The Cranberries:Zombie
  29. Vanilla Ice:Ice Ice Baby
  30. Wilson Phillips:Hold On

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