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Saints Row

Saints Row (2006) is an open-world sandbox crime game.

The game's soundtrack includes more than 130 musical tracks covering the classical, easy listening, electronica, metal, reggae, rock, and hip hop genres. The music is presented by 12 radio stations, and there is an in-game music player accessible through the pause menu. The player purchases songs for the music player at the record store franchise "Scratch That" in Stilwater using in-game money.

The following track list is taken from Wikipedias list of Saints Row songs (archived) and Saints Row Wiki's Radio Stations in Saints Row.

Reggae/103.6 420 FM

Saints Row - 103.6 420 FM

103.6 420 FM

Alternative rock/89.0 Generation X

Saints Row - 89.0 Generation X

89.0 Generation X

Heavy Metal/The Krunch 106.66

Saints Row - The Krunch 106.66

The Krunch 106.66

Oldschool Hip-hop/101.69 Sizzurp FM

Saints Row - 101.69 Sizzurp FM

101.69 Sizzurp FM

Hip-Hop/The Kronic 92.2

Classic Rock & Alternative Rock/The Rock FM 94.8

Modern Rock & Alternative Rock/The Faction FM 99.8

Newschool Hip-Hop & Contemporary R&B/95.4 KRhyme FM

Saints Row - 95.4 KRhyme FM

95.4 KRhyme FM

Electronica/97.6 K12 FM

Saints Row - 97.6 K12 FM

97.6 K12 FM


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