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Pages that will be deleted

  • Pages that contain spam/vandalism, (linkspam or otherwise) if it is the only edit to the page.
  • Pages that are empty/contain no content. This does not apply to pages that have been blanked, only to ones that have never contained artist, album, or lyric content beyond that which is created by the auto-template maker.
  • Badly formatted page names. This involves things like having the track number in the title, .mp3 at the end, or misformed special characters.
  • Redundant live albums, EPs, singles, or Greatest Hits-type compilations which only contain songs already released elsewhere, unless they are highly noteworthy (e.g. platinum-selling).

Pages that will not be deleted

  • Pages that should be redirected. For example pages which are technically named incorrectly, misspelt, or have capitalization which is not in line with LyricWiki pagenaming policy but which are likely to be used for searching. In this case a redirect is preferable.
  • Pages with vulgar or offensive lyrics (as long as they are actual songs). Each song is displayed in as close to its unaltered form as possible. You may not agree with the lyrics and we may not agree with the lyrics, but each artist's work must be seen for what it is, both for its merits or for its lack thereof.
  • Redirects that do not fit the badly formatted page name criteria above.

Deletion Procedure

If you have found a page that matches the deletion criteria above, then it should be marked with the deletion template. Information about this template can be found at Template:Deletion. For urgent deletion requests (for example, spammed pages with offensive content or creating heavy load on the server) please contact an administrator directly.

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