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Currently on LyricWiki, colons are used in page titles. Artists pages are simply themselves (such as Sting or D12), but album and song pages consist of the artist's name followed by a colon and then their own name (i.e., Mindy Smith:One Moment More (2004) or Cassandra Wilson:Solomon Sang).

The software LyricWiki runs is called MediaWiki. This wiki software has a lot of features which can be enabled or disabled at will. One of these features is called subpages. This feature can be turned on or off in different Namespaces. Currently, it is on for the User namespace, the Help namespace, and the Template namespace, but off for the main namespace. (Contrast Help:Contents/Editing with Pink Floyd/Compilation And Live Albums.)

If subpages were enabled in the main namespace, then a page like Nirvana/Smells_Like_Teen_Spirit would have a small, blue link in the upper left to take you back to the Nirvana page. This is a simple way we could use the built-in system to help emphasize the relationships between pages. Everything we do now could be done better (or at least more clearly) with this new format. Sweeps by the Janitor would be unnecessary. The redundancy of {{Song}} and {{SongFooter}} could almost be eliminated.


If you feel you can get behind this proposal, please consider displaying the following userbox on your User page:


which produces:

Slash This user thinks :'s should be /'s
LW:Colons to Slashes

This will automatically include you in the Category:Users for slashes

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