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This extension allows system messages to be made which will act as templates for new pages. In our usage of the extension, the page type (artist, album, song) is based on our naming conventions for pages.


  • Put the code in a file called lw_templates.php in the /extensions/ directory.
  • OPTIONAL: Customize /extensions/lw_templates.php to have the initial messages meet your requirements, or to make the templates the same for all pages (if you don't have something similar to the artist/album/song format we have).
  • Open /LocalSettings.php and add


In addition to the standard page types used in LyricWiki (Artist,Album,Song), additional page templates can be added by administrators using the system message MediaWiki:lwtemp-extra-templates. Each line consists of a regular expression to match the pagename, and a template name, separated by a pipe |. Autotemplates reside in the MediaWiki namespace, not in the Template namespace and therefore can only be edited by administrators.


We don't require attribution, but it would be nice if you made a post on your site or in your blog somewhere mentioning where you got the button (we could always use the incoming links :). Also, we like to see our work in the wild, so if you use it, please add a link to your site in the section below.

Uses in the wild

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