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Assuming good faith is a core policy of LyricWiki. In allowing anyone to edit, we work from an assumption that most people are trying to help the project, not hurt it. If this were not true, a project like LyricWiki would be doomed from the beginning. When you can reasonably assume that a mistake someone made was a well-intentioned attempt to further the goals of the project, correct it without criticizing. When you disagree with people, remember that they probably believe that they are helping the project.

Consider using talk pages to clearly explain yourself, and give others the opportunity to do the same. Consider whether a dispute stems from different perspectives and look for ways to reach consensus if possible. This can avoid misunderstandings and prevent problems from escalating. When you cannot resolve a dispute call in a third party, for example the creator of the page or an administrator. Do not resort to swearing, insulting, or cursing another user—this is considered to be a violation of this policy. Users who assume bad faith may be temporarily or permanently blocked.

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