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Kiefer's Rules of LyricWiki

  • Rule #1: Don't complicate things. (K.I.S.S.)
  • Rule #2: Remember to add to the database, not the bureaucracy.
  • Rule #3: Any formatting changes should be for the benefit of the user and usability, while not breaking any of the existing structure.
  • Rule #4: Don't begin anything that you aren't able or willing to finish on your own, but don't forget to ask for help when you need it.
  • Rule #5: Protect the integrity of the site from vandals and spammers.
  • Rule #6: Building the editing community is always top priority. (Without editors both "big" and "small", the site weakens and withers.)
  • Rule #7: Always remember that this is Sean's site. (All others borrow the site. We visit, we babysit, some of us may even be Aunts & Uncles, but it's his baby.)
  • Rule #8: If what you're doing on LyricWiki isn't fun, do something else. (Hopefully on LyricWiki, but this isn't a job & it isn't work, it's a hobby - a voluntary donation of time and skills and effort. It has to be enjoyable, or burnout will ensue.)
  • Rule #9: Listen to and love music. (Even better: Listen to and love the music while on LyricWiki. It's a reminder of why we're here.)
  • Rule #10: Remember that admins are not all-knowing, all-powerful, and omnipresent. (Although there's a rumor that Redxx is perfect.)
  • Rule #11: Set the (music) volume to 11.
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