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Basics of LyricWiki

LyricWiki is a free site which is a single source where anyone can go to get reliable lyrics for any song from any artist without being hammered by invasive ads. Music is a large part of many people's lives, and we feel there should be a place where people can go to just look up the lyrics to songs. No hassles.

LyricWiki is the most comprehensive site ever created for lyrics. Through automated scripts, public domain lyrics were found across the internet and reliable results were mined and formatted to provide the base of more than 430,000 songs that started the site off.


Like most "wiki" sites, the content of LyricWiki depends on its community of people throughout the world who contribute the lyrics to the site and vigilantly protect the site from vandalism and much lesser offenses like simple typos. Anyone can join, and most everyone has some song lyrics that they love which they can help bring to the world. We welcome you with open arms! For more information, refer to Contributing to LyricWiki.


LyricWiki was originally running as a free service of Motive Force LLC and was the "Lyrics Portal" of the Social Marketplace, Pedlr (now defunct). The costs for the site were covered by Motive Force, which is a software company that has various web-applications and sites. We are not affiliated with any music labels or organizations. Although the site runs a version of MediaWiki software, we are not part of the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc. We support their cause and many of our pages link out to their sites.

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