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Truck Drivin' Man

This song is by Lynyrd Skynyrd and appears on the compilation album Legend (1987) and on the box set Lynyrd Skynyrd (1991).

1. Well I'm truckin' on down from Memphis,
Cruisin' down to New Orleans,
Tonight he sleeps along with a Cajun queen.

2. Well there's smoke from stacks blowin'
And he don't care where he's goin'
The only time he feels right is when he's a-rollin'

3. He's got a road man's scene in his hand.
Good drivin' just as hard as he can.
A time and that your scales in me.

Chorus Well I'm talkin' about a truck drivin' man.
Yeah he'll always give you the best that he can.
White cross and coffee oh yeah, is all that he needs.
And it's all right by me truckdrivin' man.

4. He's got the ladies up from North-Dakota,
From The Keys meant to Minnesota.
And a love such-a never want these as what is told her

5. Well all the flame of shirts and blue jeans.
Truckstops are routines.
Tonight he sleeps along with a Cajun queen

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