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This song is by Luna Obscura and appears on the album Feltia (2008).

Another sleepless night
The shadows are my lovers
My dreams are gone
Your image fades
And all the laughter has gone again
The ghosts of the dawn
Dances till the end of night

All the words you've said
Just gone in a moment
How much longer to be strong
My hopes are frozen
My darkest hour has come

So lost inside me
I can hear the song
The swansong of our destiny
The end of our time

"...But now I'm leaving...
Away from memories and pain
But now I'm leaving...
With all the dreams I've never had"

All the world against us
And the flame still remains
Through the glass light reflections
Let me be your faithful dare

So far away from
Your life and the darkness
Seems so beautiful
The end of our days

"But now I'm leaving
Away from memories and pain
But now I'm leaving
With all the dreams I've never had"...

Falls unsaid
On what was to become
The silence reflects on
The loss of time
The loss of love
Speak, break, rot

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