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On Revival Day

This song is by Luis Russell & His Orchestra and features Andy Razaf on vocals. and appears on the single Discogs1 Louisiana Swing / On Revival Day (1930)

Just hear them sisters groanin'
And hear them brothers moanin'
Repentin' and atonin'
On revival day!

They're talkin' to the spirit
Just like they see and hear it
They're sinful and they fear it
On revival day!

When that congregation starts to sing
Nothin' in this world don't mean a thing!

Oh, glory hallelujah!
Makes you feel so peculiar
The devil cannot rule ya
On revival day!

Glory, glory
It's so purifyin'!
Glory, glory
Wash my sins away

Lordy, Lordy
He's just like a lion
Lordy, Lordy
I'm reformed today!


Music by:

Andy Razaf

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