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Promise Me

This song is by Lucy Kaplansky and appears on the album Ten Year Night (1999).

Let me sit beside you, take a good long look at you
I'll memorize you so I always find you
Smiling at me in my rear view
In the broken white line that takes me from you

Promise me you'll wait for me
And kiss me one more time
Give me all your lonely nights
I'll keep 'em here with mine
I'll keep 'em here with mine

If I could stay in one place I know what I'd do
I'd make my living in love with you
But I work on these stages and I live everywhere
And it's everywhere that I want you

Listen for me when I'm away
I'll be singing to you


It feels like I just got home yesterday
Now I'm packed and I'm ready with nothing to say
I'm counting the white lines, the measures of road time
They're broken in pieces like my heart today

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