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Tired as I Can Be

This song is by Lucille Bogan and appears on the compilation album Complete Recorded Works, Volume 3 (1994) and on the compilation album Shave 'em Dry: The Best of Lucille Bogan (2004).

I worked all the winter, and I worked all the fall
I've got to wait until spring, to get my ashes hauled
And now I'm tired, tired as I can be
And I'm goin' back home, where these blues don't worry me

I'm a free-hearted woman, I let you spend my dough
And you never did win, you kept on askin' for more
And now I'm tired, I ain't gon' do it no more
And when I leave you this time, you won't know where I go

My house rent's due, they done put me outdoors
And here you ridin' 'round here, in a V-8 Ford
I done got tired, of your lowdown dirty ways
And your sisters say you've been dirty, dirty all your days

I never will forget, when the times was good
I caught you standin' out yonder, in the Piney Woods
And now I'm tired, tired as I can be
And I'm goin' back South, to my used-to-be

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