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Till the Cows Come Home

This song is by Lucille Bogan and appears on the compilation album Shave 'em Dry: The Best of Lucille Bogan (2004).

I got a man I love
I got a man I like
Every time I fuck them mens
I give 'em the doggone clap
Oh, baby
Give 'em the doggone clap
But that's the kind of pussy that they really like

I told him I gotta good cock
And it's got four damn good names
Rough top
Rough cock
Tough cock
Cock without a bone
You can fuck my cock
Suck my cock
Or leave my cock alone
Oh, baby
Honey, I piss all night long
You can fuck my cock or suck my cock
Baby, until the cows come home

You know both of my mens
They are tight like that
They got a great big dick just like a baseball bat
Ooh, fuck me
Do it to me all night long
I want you to do it to me baby
Honey, till the cows come home

They know I'm a bitch from Baltimore
I got hairs on my cock that will sweep the floor
I've got spunk from them hairs that would shet de do'
And I look over your hands seein' I'm a bitch from Baltimore
Oh, talkin' 'bout a bitch from Baltimore
And I got hairs on my cock
Sweep anybody's floor

I gotta big fat belly
I gotta big broad ass
And I can fuck any man
With real good class
Talking 'bout fuckin'
Talking 'bout grindin', baby, all night long
And I can do it to you honey
Until the cows come home

If you suck my pussy
Baby, I'll suck your dick
I'll do it ya honey till I make you shit
Oh, baby
Honey, do it all night long
Do it to me papa
(Grace me a verse) till tomorrow comes

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