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Rainy Days

This song is by Luciano and appears on the album Messenger (1996).

Rainy days are gone sunny days are here again
When one door is closed, many more are opened
Another rasta is born, another king is risen
Rainy days are gone, sunny days are here again

Ah, looking back, checking stock on all those days,
And remembering life of me as a child
With nine mouths to feed
My mama never had it easy
With my papa gone
She hardly could find a penny
She taught me all the good
And brought me up the best she could
And right now I'm ready for the world

I've been through thick
I've been through thin
Still I never give in
I learn and live
I live and learn
About the saviour within me
How many years without
That's why we never had it easy
But now my life is free
I know I got the master in me
Teaching me the golden rule
So now I sing about Jah Jah

Rainy days are gone sunny days are here to stay
'Cause I've grown to learn about the master within me

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