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This song is by Luciano and appears on the album Messenger (1996).

Mum you've always been there for me
Through all the ups and downs
And wears and tears
Giving me love, showing so much care, yeah
Mother I thank you for your love all these years
You've been a source of inspiration
One look in you eyes and my fears were gone
Though my papa had died and you were alone
Like the rock of Gibraltar Mama you stood strong

I say keep on doing what you're doing mama
I love you
Keep on doing what you're doing Sophie
I love you
Keep on doing what you're doing mama
Check it out

When the going got rought mum you got though
Whoever thought that you will give up
Though luck
You've proven your faith in the almighty
Sometimes mum, God knows you never knew
Where to find a dime to buy a pair of shoes
And I know it wasn't easy
When the tide was high
Sometimes you break down and cry
You never, never, never give up, no way
Mama I love you

Listen mama when those hands of yours get fever
And you are unable to go further
Just remember I'll be there for you
No matter what mama I'll promise I'll always be there

Never stop doing what you're doing mama
From the depth of my heart I say I'll nver let you down

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