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Friend In Need

This song is by Luciano and appears on the album Messenger (1996).

I can see my little brother's wondering with his head in his hand
And I know he's doing a lot of thinking with his foot in the sand
No doubt he's hoping and wishing for a helping hand
I would stop for a while and listen and do what I can
'Cause I don't think I live in this suffering time
I do my best (I do my best)

Cause a friend in need is a friend indeed
And that's my belief, my philosophy
I say a friend in need is a friend indeed
And that's my belief my philosophy

A friend in need is a friend indeed
Not for a dime, I put my friendship on the line
Leaving behind all the wonderful time
I'll never forget, no way, where I'm coming from
If my brethren is weak I say
Its for my tho get him strong

Sometime you are down and low
Don't have a dime, don't know where to go
And you feel like giving up
And a brethren comes along

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