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The correct title of this article is somnium vitium. The initial letter is capitalized due to technical restrictions.
somnium vitium

This song is by love solfege and appears on the album 墟律のサンプル (2010).

The Latin title of this song is "somnium vitium". The English translation is "dream vice".
When you close your eyes and fall asleep,
(----- slips into) to me
You are never safe
When there is a story
To tell you

There is only someone closing off
(---- entrance in) your mind
Deep into your dreams
No listen, no let them be

You don't remember
Moment you fell asleep
--- is natural
Until you foresee that this is a dream

I'm dreamin' with you
Show me your heart and fears
Give all your secrets
Just by showing me most cherished dreams

A dream inside dream, how do you feel?
(Wake up and slip into) a dream
An overwhelming space and dimension
Illusion, unusual perception
There's a dream

On the dream, on the dream, on the dream
I'm so deep, fantastic
I want to never come back
I'm staying, your dream to live

Your deepest secret
Somewhere, even in safe
I find to steal it
By the password your soul gave to me

Your only dears
Were the treasures of word
Be sure that no one
Ever try to steal them or try to change them

"Our dreams is a reflection of our realities
If you don't know your dream,
It is whatever that seems so natural
Did you know your ideas is almost part of a single world?
--- divide --- dreams and reality
Sometimes, dreams seem so nice,
You don't want to go back in the real world
So sad, which one did I choose?"

Am I ---, real world or a dream?
I'm looking for the way back,
Maybe you know how to escape
Which one is better, real or fantasy?
Do I want to wake up
Or do you want to wake up with me?


  • Music by オーギュスト棒 (auguste beau)
  • Lyrics & vocals by Jenya

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