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This song is by love solfege and appears on the album 9つの緋色 (2008).

Swinging waves,
Salty wind sang my lullaby
I was born in the depths of the Sea

My father and mother loved each other very much
Were so in love, so anyone who saw them
Felt the warmest inside, so am I

My life is the crystal of love
My parents gave me, this is my gift
Thank you, my dears

As time went by
I found out that
There's no truth

So I tried to discover it
Tell me what's reason of life
My reason
Why I'm not the same

I could predict
It may be painful truth

There were people who hated me
There were people who welcomed
They accepted me and tried to be kind to me

I've decided to be kind too

Even if I was in pain
I was trying to accept them with a smile
No matter what
Because I knew it was
The shortest way
To learn the truth

The god created us this way
We're never gonna stay
At one place
We are looking for
Longing for
Unpredictable future

We are leaving home,
Beloved ones
And no one could stop us

No matter what's waiting, oh
Our journey, so we have to go

Mysterious traps
Blocking our way
Hard barriers
We have to fight them alone

But there is a place for happiness
Bright miracles
Bliss and sun
Love and fun
Just try to find a way

Sometimes we have to loiter
Sometimes we have to lose ourselves
Have to go forward and forward

So no matter
What the answer is
We must go on ahead, never stop

The god created me this way
I'm never gonna stay
At one place
I am looking for
longing for
Unpredictable future

I am leaving home,
Beloved ones
No one can stop me now

No matter what's waiting, oh
Our journey, so we have to go

This is the way of my life
You could call it my holy pilgrimage

The people
Very different people
I met many many of them
When I didn't know who I am

I've got friends
I met the kindness
And knew what the hatred is

Gentle words
Pure souls
Lonely hearts
Cruel sins

I have learned, have found
The way to live

The people
Very different people
I met many many of them
They made me the person I am

Everyone is so unlike
Meanwhile all of them are the same

Their words
Their souls
Their hearts
Their aims

And among them
I felt he was there
The only one who I

Could give my heart
Could give myself
Could give my all
This is the man I'm in love with

Now I know
What I've been looking for
We are one

We have found ourselves
We have found our
Promising future

You don't need to leave
Me anymore
Together forever

No matter what's waiting, oh
Our journey, so we have to go

That's how
You appeared
My scarlet-eyed baby

The scarlet red eyes
Uh, my precious child

And I realized
The words of fortune teller

Your father and mother love each other very much
Were so in love
So that is how you were born
「9つめの緋色」 (kokonotsume no hiiro)

New life is so sweet and so pure
It's blessing from the Sea
She smiles at me
With same red eyes
My child


  • Music by オーギュスト棒 (Auguste Beau)
  • Lyrics by 鮎 (Ayu)
  • Translation by Jenya
  • Vocals by Jenya

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