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Red's New Dream

This song is by Louisiana Red and appears on the album No Turn on Red (2005).

I jumped in my bed
Turned out my light
I dreamed I was on planet Mars
Just the other night

Had a conversation with the
Head Martian out there
He said far as I know Red
The Earth ain't nowhere

I wanna know
What do you down there
Yes I wanna know If I should go
Should I pay out that rocket fare

I reached in my pocket
Now I pulled out a Chilli
Martian stood there watching
Red was slowly nibbling

His nose and eyes popped open
You oughta heard him scream
And I let him taste some big peanuts and

I said that's what I do down there
Yes that's what I do
And I came up here specially
To bring a little soul to you

I told the Martian of how I can plant
Women on my farm
And how they would grow tall and sweet
And have lots of charm

I told him that I got women
I ain't even planted yet
And if I knew that you would be here
Could have brought a bushel and _____

That's what I do all day
That's what I do down there
That's what I do down there
I'm gonna do the same thing up here

Then the Martian looked at me and said
See them craters and them hills
They're made out of things you call
Hundred dollar bills

We plant them in the summer
Dig 'em jokers up in the fall
Paste 'em together with Martian glue and
Get rid of them all

That's what we do up here
I know you don't do it on Earth
That's why I asked you ______ Red
What would my trip on Earth be worth

Then I told Mr. Martian
That a man they call Uncle Sam
He's coming up here soon son
Right where I am

He's gonna tax them craters
He's gonna tax them hills
He gonna tax them things you call
Hundred dollar bills

That's what he do down there
And he gonna do the same thing up here
I hope you know just what I mean
Told you about it, that's red's new dream

That's my new dream


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