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Louise Goffin (1981)

Louise Goffin - Louise Goffin

Louise Goffin

  1. I've Had It
  2. Dog Town
  3. Runaway Boy
  4. If You Ever Did Believe
  5. Dizzy, You're a Dreamer
  6. Geisha Girl
  7. Baby, Come 'Round to Me
  8. Johnny Can't Make Her
  9. Rockin' on the Strand
  10. Might as Well Pass By

Sometimes a Circle (2002)

Louise Goffin - Sometimes A Circle

Sometimes a Circle

  1. Sometimes a Circle
  2. Instant Photo
  3. I Can't Remember Why
  4. Sleep With Me Instead
  5. What If I Were Talkin' to Me
  6. Only Water
  7. Saved by the Bell
  8. Just Bone and Breath
  9. Clicking to the Next Slide
  10. Light in Your Eyes
  11. What a Waste of a Perfectly Good Hotel Room
  12. Quiet Anesthesia

AppleOnFire (2015)

Louise Goffin - AppleOnFire


  1. Take a Giant Step (with Jakob Dylan)
  2. I'm Not Rich but I'm Not Poor
  3. Everything You Need
  4. Higher Than Low
  5. If I'm Late (with Joseph Arthur)
  6. It's Not the Spotlight

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